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Doris Chung – Mentorship and networking for entrepreneurs

Mentorship and networking for entrepreneurs


DorisChungToday, we welcome the last guest for our blog series about the importance of networking in entrepreneurship. Doris Chung is the founder and CEO of Publisher Production Solutions and an avid networker.


In the first part of our interview with Doris, she shares her experience with mentorship, questions to ask when choosing a mentor, the benefits of professional networking, and tips for building a network. She’ll be back on the blog next week to tell us her top 5 tips for networking events.  


Thanks so much for joining us, Doris! To start, please tell us your experience with mentorship, and why you feel it is important to promote and inspire entrepreneurs?

Doris Chung: I’ve had one mentee through Women in Biz Network and four to five unofficial ones over the last eight years. I’ve had both mentees who are in a similar industry as I am in, to completely different industries. I’ve mostly worked with women entrepreneurs, but I currently am helping one man.

Most of the time I give them advice on money, negotiations, customer relations and sales. As I get to know them and their business, I ask a lot of questions, and often I find they learn more about themselves and their businesses they didn’t know. If you’re new to business, you might not know what to look out for, let alone what to ask your mentor. Just through our monthly conversations, I find how I help reveals itself through those conversations.

I feel it’s important to work with women entrepreneurs because they tend to be affected by Imposter Syndrome, at some point in their lives, so I find women entrepreneurs require more support, motivation and our promotions.


What can and should entrepreneurs do to build their network/support system?

DC: Over the last eight years, I have actively worked on growing my support network. I’ve done this through attending networking groups and associations, as well as joining groups like WIBN who support women entrepreneurs. On average I’m networking one to three times a week.

I recommend attending conferences and learning events to expand your skill set, and meet others who may be able to become business accountability partners.


What can entrepreneurs do in their everyday life to help inspire and promote others in the small business community?

DC: Every day I feel we, as entrepreneurs, should send some support to another entrepreneur.  This support can be a quick message on LinkedIn saying congrats on an anniversary or an article they have written. We need to lift each other up – you never know how your kindness can change a person’s day for the better.


Many entrepreneurs seek out mentors. What tips or advice can you offer when seeking or choosing a mentor?

DC: Often cases, you might not have paid for this mentorship, and you might feel you don’t have the right to question the qualifications of your mentor. However, I think it’s worth asking who they have helped and interview them. Having the right fit is important because it’s both your time and their time spent mentoring you.

Be sure to go with a list of intentions of what you want to get out of the mentorship and what your goals are in the time you’re working with your mentor.


How can an entrepreneur recognize when they are ready to become a mentor?

DC: I think you can be a mentor when you’ve experienced the ups and downs of having a business because you have insight you can share.


Thanks so much for joining us to answer our questions about mentorship and networking for entrepreneursIs there anything else you’d like to add about why entrepreneurs should network?

DC: I feel networking is a good way to not only get to know your community of entrepreneurs, but also a great way to get out of the “home” office.


Don’t forget to check back next week to get Doris Chung’s 5 tips for networking events!


Doris Chung biography

Doris is the founder and CEO of Publisher Production Solutions. A third-generation printer and entrepreneur, Doris has been helping publishers, authors and entrepreneurs, for over 20 years, with their print production needs. Recently launching a new division, Liquid Ink Design, she is helping CEOs and entrepreneurs bring credibility and visibility to their professional brand.

Doris is a Publisher, Print Consultant, Designer and a Creator of Visions. Doris is all about creating a solid brand for you and your company.


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