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Doris Chung – Top 5 networking event tips



For the last post in our November networking blog series, we’re back with Doris Chung, founder and CEO of Publisher Production Solutions. 


In our last post, Doris shared her experience with mentorship and networking as an entrepreneur. She talked about questions to ask when choosing a mentor, the benefits of professional networking, and tips for building a network. 


Doris is an avid networker so today, she shares even more insight about networking for entrepreneurs! Here are her top 5 networking event tips.


1. Engage with attendees

If you’re a vendor, sponsor or speaker, it’s important to engage with the attendees. Don’t be passive and hope they will come up to you to ask you about you. Get to know them. Find out how you can help them. And if there isn’t a fit, but you have a good referral, share it.


2. Bring business cards

Always have your business cards, but don’t hand them out to every person you meet. Only share your card if:

a) You had a connection and can help them

b) They asked you for a card

c) If you want to refer them to someone else, write the referral’s contact on your card so they can remember who helped provide the info


3. Participate in discussions

Listen actively and ask questions to the people who you’re talking to.


4. Do research on the speakers and vendors

Check on Facebook or LinkedIn to see if there is anyone who you’ve meant to meet or talk to that will be there. Do your research on the people who you want to meet.


5. Don’t stop when the event is over!

Follow up, follow up, follow up.


Thanks so much for taking the time to share your networking knowledge, Doris! 

Doris Chung biography

Doris is the founder and CEO of Publisher Production Solutions. A third-generation printer and entrepreneur, Doris has been helping publishers, authors and entrepreneurs, for over 20 years, with their print production needs. Recently launching a new division, Liquid Ink Design, she is helping CEOs and entrepreneurs bring credibility and visibility to their professional brand.

Doris is a Publisher, Print Consultant, Designer and a Creator of Visions. Doris is all about creating a solid brand for you and your company.


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