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Small Biz Tips – 6 tips for a successful holiday card campaign

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In our last post, we talked about the value of sending holiday cards and who you should add to your “seasons greetings” list. Today, we’re continuing our holiday card discussion with holiday card etiquette and six tips for successfully marketing your small business with holiday cards.

1. Order holiday cards now

We know what you’re thinking – Holiday cards…? It’s not even Halloween yet! But that’s great because it means you’re still ahead of schedule. Order holiday cards early so you have plenty of time to send them before the holiday season starts. Ideally you would like them to arrive mid-December, before vacations and time off starts.


2. Remain neutral and warm

Avoid religious references in your holiday card. The same goes with holiday specific symbols like Santa Clause or a menorah. Canada is multi-cultural and this is likely represented in your client, employee and vendor base. The last thing you want to do when trying to show a thoughtful gesture is offend someone. This extends to messaging, too. Wish people happy holidays or season’s greetings over Merry Christmas.


3. Mail an actual card to stand out

In our increasingly digital world, many people still appreciate receiving physical cards. Everyone knows sending holiday cards take time and planning, so the effort will be appreciated.


4. Personalize each card  

Sending holidays cards is a thoughtful way to spread holiday cheer, but a generic card without a personal message can come across as mandatory. You can mention a project you worked on with an employee or partner, or even thank regular customers for their continued support. This will take time, so refer back to tip one. If you are really pressed for time and have a large list, you can drop the personal note, however, still take the time to sign the holiday card and have your team do the same.


5. Don’t let promotion overpower sentiment

Many business owners try to kill two birds with one stone. They see holiday cards as an opportunity to upsell or push products/services. This can be done but it has to be done strategically and carefully. Rather than inserting a flyer that can take place over the message of goodwill, or worse, replacing your season’s greetings imagery on the front of the card with sales-y text, consider printing a coupon on the back of the card or presenting a discount as a gift with a tasteful insert.


6. Order extras

Order extra cards in case you think of someone (or a group of someones) to add to your list at the last minute, you get a new client or you have a walk-in to whom you can personally hand a holiday card. It will only cost you a bit more and you’ll be happy to have those extra cards.



Take advantage of Entrepreneurs Club discounts

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Laura has a B.A. in Honours Communications Studies from McMaster University and is currently enrolled in Humber’s Public Relations Postgraduate program. She is passionate about writing and local business, so this blog is the perfect combination of the two.