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Three reasons why you need a mobile-friendly website



As the Internet has progressed over the years, so has the way people process information. A mobile-friendly website enhances user experience, establishes credibility, improves Google rankings, provides customers overall convenience, and makes it easier for them to contact you.

Read more to see why having a mobile-friendly website is crucial for your business.

Enhance user experience

It has been shown that consumers spend more than 5 hours a day on their smartphones. A mobile-friendly website allows users to easily access information and select buttons on the page directly from their phones. If your website isn’t optimized to be viewed on a phone, you will disengage viewers by forcing them to pinch and zoom in order to read the information. Mobile-friendly websites also provide a direct call to action, which enables a clear route of communication and improves your conversation rate. It’s important to have a clean website that takes design, layout, and images into consideration because this way, the mobile site can create the desired user experience on all devices.

Improve Google ranking

Google has created a new algorithm rewarding those with mobile-friendly sites. It’s important for businesses to use the right technology and adopt new strategies to deliver both personalized content and mobile performance.

Did you know 96% of Internet users rely on Google as their primary source for information? To ensure your site is optimized properly, visit Google’s guide to mobile-friendly websites. With that in mind, know that Google recognizes whether websites are mobile-friendly and then prioritizes them accordingly in the search results. You can check to see if your web page is easy to view across all devices by using the mobile-friendly test tool.

Greater convenience for users

People everywhere are using mobile devices for simple Internet searches, purchasing tickets, online shopping and more. Consumers are looking for an immediate service they can access whenever they want. You will reach more customers, faster if you have a website they can access in the palm of their hand. A mobile-friendly website will also help you build credibility. Building trust with your viewers enhances their overall experience and helps them to view you as a trustworthy source for information, services, and products.

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