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Entrepreneur’s Guide: Social Media Content Management


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So your social media has been set up and you’re ready to begin posting, but first, you need to start creating content. This may seem overwhelming, but we’ve put together this guide to help you get the most out of your social media content.

We’ll give a brief overview of the main social channels to consider for your business, then share some general tips to keep in mind when posting.




Using Facebook to grow your business is common. It has such a large user base that it almost seems easy to get your name out there and to find new customers. But, in order to make the most out of Facebook you need to break through your followers’ news feeds.

Keep your posts short and sweet for all of the people who scan through their newsfeed. You can use Facebook to:

  • Post pictures and videos—use big visuals to capture the eyes of your audience
  • Create events to inform your friends and followers about events your business is hosting
  • Share links your customers will find interesting and relevant

To get most amount of people engaging with your content, you can run ads with Facebook and offer special deals to keep your customer interested. You can also boost your original content your customers enjoy so you can attract new viewers.




Twitter is an excellent social media platform for sharing existing content to your viewers. You don’t want to spend too much time creating Twitter content, as the average lifetime of a tweet is around 18 minutes. But Twitter is great for re-tweeting information from other businesses or links you think your target audience will value.

Twitter is also great for promoting your content from other social media channels. You can create a tweet letting users know you have a new blog post live or you have new products on your website with a hyperlink to the content. Since there’s a character limit, make sure to keep your tweets short, sweet and to the point.


General Social Media Tips

1. Include a CTA. You should include a Call To Action in all your social media posts to let your audience know exactly what you want them to do. It can be something like sign up, call now, or get started.

2. Use a Scheduling Tool. Running a business means you likely won’t have time to stop what you’re doing in the middle of the day to post on social. Schedule your content in advance with a tool like our Social Media Management dashboard. Our tool lets you post to multiple channels, connect with your customers and access a content library, all in one place.  

3. Fill in the About Section. The “about section” is one of the first places people will look when they are scanning your page, so make sure it is filled with important and relevant information about your company. Also be sure to update it if anything changes.

4. Create a Content Calendar. This will help you brainstorm ideas for content, as well as stay organized and on top of when you will post the content. Creating content is one of the most time consuming parts of social media management, so check out our Do It For Me Social Posting service if you’re looking to save time and share quality content. 

5. Coordinate your Pages. Keep your various social media pages consistent. Your cover photo, pinned post, and profile call to action should all work together to promote your marketing campaigns. These are the three main areas that intrigue the customer, so you want to make sure they are engaging and your message matches across all these features and channels.

6. Quality > Quantity. This is arguably the most important tip to keep in mind. Set a high standard for the content of your posts. A small number of high quality posts will always be more valuable than a high number of low quality posts. 

*This post has been updated to remove Google+ after its shut down. 

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