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A Basic Guide to Navigating the New 411.ca

new 411.ca

It’s been a few months since we’ve launched the new 411.ca, and it appears you love it as much as we do! The cleaner, faster interface has been well received so far as we continue to roll out improvements. We do understand, however, that with a new and improved website comes changes. While the change is very good, there are some learning humps to get through. We’ve taken in all types of feedback and want the new 411.ca to be as easy as possible for you. This guide will help you navigate the website no matter what you’re using it for.


Diving right in

Everything 411.ca has to offer can be accessed from the landing page. Your main purpose on the site will probably be to look either a business, person or phone number up. Simply click on what you’ll be searching above the search bar to do so. See below:

new 411.ca

The three search option buttons are highlighted above the search bar. Whichever option you’re currently searching on will have a green underline.

You’ll see from the home page a few other buttons as well. The 411.ca logo acts as the home button, so you can click on that to return to the home page no matter what page you’re on. On the top right are our buttons for business services. If you’re a small business owner looking to list on our directory, click the “add your business” button in green. You can see all the other ways 411.ca helps small business owners by clicking on the “business solutions” button.

To actually search, simply write the person or business name you are looking for. To make it even more accurate, follow the name with a location IE “Dan’s Plumbing Toronto.” From there you can search from a list of clients on the new 411.ca. If you’d like to perform another search click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner. See below:


Click on the magnifying glass highlighted in red to start a new search without going back to the home page.

Click on the magnifying glass highlighted in red to start a new search without going back to the home page.

Other 411.ca peripherals are easier than ever to access. You can visit any of our social media profiles right from the home page by scrolling down and clicking on any one of our icons. To access our blog, click on the menu button with the three lines on the top left – and the blog will be the last option. Be sure to check it out and subscribe!

Navigating the new 411.ca is super easy, just as it was intended to be. If you experience any problems with the website or feel it isn’t running as it should, feel free to email us at feedback@411.ca. We’re always open to improvements.


David is a Marketing Communications Coordinator here at 411.ca. He loves all things sports, technology, video games, and of course, helping small businesses grow.