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Free Business-Boosting Workshops to Attend This Summer

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As a business owner or someone who’s just starting a business, you’re probably strapped for time. Anything outside of work might be put on the backburner because it just isn’t a priority at the moment. However, making room to grow your knowledge can always help your business. Workshops, seminars and conferences are all great resources to do that. You’ll be learning ways to improve yourself and your business, and network all at once. Take some time out of your busy schedule to attend these awesome, mostly free workshops this summer and reap the benefits.

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Digital Mainstreet: Digital Marketing Bootcamp – June 13, 9 AM

Online presence is crucial to success in 2017. Learn about current online trends and how to utilize important digital marketing tools to jump ahead of the competition.


Canada Mastermind: Do you Have the Millionaire Mindset to Succeed? – June 16, 4 PM

This is an online web conference, designed to motivate entrepreneurs to have the right mindset for success and provide tips to make more money. Jump in on the web conference to learn from Bob Proctor and Val Fagan, lifecoach consultants.


Using “Passive” Lead Generation on LinkedIn to Grow Your Business – June 19, 9 AM

With the right profile tweaks and messaging techniques, you can make LinkedIn an excellent lead generation tool to attract the right clients and grow your business. Gary Hyman will attempt to teach you how.


Toronto Professionals and Entrepreneurs Social Mixer – June 21, 6 PM

Bring your business cards to this free event, designed to get business owners together for strictly business networking. A great opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and help your business.

Credit: Toronto Social Mixer

Credit: Toronto Social Mixer

Immigrant Women in Business Networking and Inspirational Leadership – June 28, 6 PM

Ladies only! A great event inviting all women entrepreneurs and business owners to meet with and celebrate the success of some of the biggest immigrant-Canadian women in business.


Starting Your Business 101 – July 12, 5:30 PM

If you’re still thinking about starting a business or have one in the works, this workshop covers all the bases of getting started. From research to planning to legal, you’ll learn everything you need to get your feet off the ground.


Business Plan Boot Camp ($15) – August 3, 9 AM

I know, this workshop isn’t free, but for just $15 it covers the most important part of setting up your business for success. It will help you determine your target audience, develop a marketing plan and a financial plan. This one is highly recommended.


Web Presence Boot Camp ($15) – August 10, 9 AM

Ok, this one isn’t free either – but if you don’t have a website yet, you should attend this seminar. It will help you determine the best route to go for setting up your website, how to develop the right content for it and how to start building an online presence.


Getting your business off to the right start is never easy, so you should use all the help you can get. Luckily, there are a ton of free resources both online and in person to take advantage of to help you improve as an entrepreneur and grow your business.


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