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Summer Sports Leagues in the GTA to Keep You Active!


Looking to watch the games rather than play them? Check out some local bars on our search results.

What an exciting time of year it is for Toronto sports fans! The Leafs and Raptors are in the playoffs, while the Jays and TFC are just beginning their seasons. It’s great to support the professionals, but today we want to focus on you, the amateurs. There are tons of summer sports leagues around Toronto for you to get out there and compete like the pros! Here are the best ones in no particular order:

Toronto Recreational Sports League

A place with tons of sport options, these leagues are all co-ed and for any skill level. Sign up with your friends to create a team and compete in basketball, soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, and a wide variety of other sports. They have prizes for the winning teams to, so bring your best!

Toronto Sport Social Club

This club has all sorts of sports leagues to join, like soccer, basketball, sailing, and more. Registration for spring leagues has mostly closed, but be sure to sign up for the summer months and make the most of the warm weather while you can! You can register alone, or with an entire team of friends.

High Park Ball Hockey

Sometimes the regular hockey season just isn’t enough. Running out of High Park in Toronto, there are leagues available for men, women, and kids of all ages. This league is even recognized by Hockey Canada and is known to be competitive!

Off Limit Sports

They might not have all the options some of the other clubs have, but they might just have the coolest sport: trampoline dodgeball. It’s action packed and is just as amazing as it sounds! They also have leagues for regular dodgeball and volleyball if you’re not feeling as adventurous.

Toronto Ultimate Club

You may not be hanging out on the campus fields anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a frisbee around! The league is for any skill level, you can register alone or with a whole team of ultimate players. This sport is growing fast, so keep up!

Toronto Outdoor Club

Less of a sports league, but we thought we should still include this for our non-sports fans. They have all sorts of hikes, camping trips, canoeing, and more outdoor activities available to join in on! They can also connect you with other clubs across Canada in case you want to join in for something new while travelling.

There are tons of other clubs and leagues out there (even some unique ones like bike polo and axe throwing), but these are our favourites for the GTA! If you know of any great ones we miss, please let us know in the comments below!
If you just want to watch the games, that’s ok too! Check out some local bars on our search results.

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