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Top 4 Benefits of a Shared Workspace and How to Choose the Right One


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Many entrepreneurs and small business owners find it effective to run their business from home. Some prefer to bounce around from coffee shops and other public spaces, while others turn to more fixed professional spaces. Co-working spaces have many benefits, here are the top 4 and how to find the best space for your business.

Co-working space benefits


1. Optics

While setting up a temporary workplace in your local coffeeshop isn’t bad, it probably isn’t the ideal place to set up meetings with clients or partners. Those situations often require a meeting room with privacy which would make a better impression. When getting to know clients one-on-one, it’s best to make a good business impression. Regus locations offer meeting rooms, a mailing address, and a receptionists to answer calls and greet guests.

2. Productivity

Co-working spaces not only give your business a more professional image, but they can also give you a more professional outlook. Working from home is comfortable and convenient, but it can be full of distractions. Whether it’s your bed, your dog, or Netflix, your home is full of distractions. You may be tempted to do a load of laundry between, or maybe you start a new show on your lunch break and next thing you know you’ve binged watched the series and fell behind on work.

While there are a ton of productivity hacks for entrepreneurs from Google Chrome extensions to productivity apps, if you find yourself getting distracted at home you should consider a co-working space. You’ll be away from the distractions, plus you’ll be surrounded by hardworking people, which leads us to our next point.

3. Community & motivation

Working at home can be lonely and limit your creativity. Using a co-working space is great because you get to be around other energetic professionals with similar goals. Being surrounded by other like-minded entrepreneurs creates a unique environment that fosters learning and development. Referrals happen, advice is shared, and relationships are built. These will only help move your business forward.

4. Defined boundaries

One of the best benefits about working in a co-working space or shared office is that work no longer spills over into your personal time. Those in a home office know the boundaries between work and personal are almost non-existent. It’s important to physically separate your work from your personal life. Although flexibility is great, working from home limits your ability to disconnect from the office. It becomes too much when you lose sleep over work. If setting boundaries is something you struggle with as an entrepreneur, having a designated space for work can be very helpful.

How to choose the right co-working space for your business



Regus offers hundreds of co-working and office spaces across Canada. When picking the right one, make sure it is a reasonable distance from your home so the commute isn’t a hassle. Those on a tighter budget should look into spaces with free parking or that are accessible by public transit. And if you’re into team outings, you should check out the lunch spots near by.

Resources & amenities

It’s important to check out the amenities located in each office. Regus offers standard equipment such as printers, scanners, photocopiers, communal kitchens that have tea and coffee, and Wi-Fi. The offices are professional and have modern, ergonomic furniture to help you stay productive.


One of the best perks about using a co-working space is the price. Renting a co-working space is significantly less expensive than renting out a facility on your own. Those typically tend to come with longer leases and no furniture or kitchen supplies. You have the ability to rent a space for as long or as short as you need. Perfect for small projects. PLUS, all members of the Entrepreneurs Club get a discount.

Co-working spaces are an awesome way to take your business to the next level. Perfect for entrepreneurs and freelancers, the flexibility of a co-working space and the community that comes with it is awesome.

To find a Regus location near you and begin working in a co-working space contact your Business Advisor.

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Anastasia graduated with a BA Honors Communications Degree and is currently pursuing her passion for writing and helping small businesses succeed.