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Small Business Marketing Tools: Email Marketing


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Email marketing is an efficient way to market your small business. You can target your marketing efforts toward customers that have already engaged with your brand and enjoy your products and services.

There are many benefits of email marketing. It’s a cost effective way of tackling your marketing, since the only fee is for the email marketing software. It also helps your business to create brand awareness and increase customer retention—building stronger relationships with customers to keep them returning. With an email marketing strategy you are able to target your whole email list, as well as create custom lists for customers interested in certain products. The best part is that all of the results are trackable, so you know what works and where to improve. Here is a quick rundown of how to start taking advantage of email marketing.

Getting subscribers

To start your email marketing you need to create a list of contacts to send your emails out to. There are a few ways to gather your customers emails, such as:

  • In store, at the register
  • A sign-up sheet in store
  • Ask for business cards
  • Add a subscription form on your website, blog, Facebook page etc
  • Run a small in-store or online contest/giveaway that requires them to put in their basic information, including email address

On the form you must explain what they are in for. It’s better that customers understand that they are signing up for the newsletter rather than not being in the loop. You should collect their emails, postal code, and birthday, and what products and services they are interested in. State that by filling out the form they are signing up for email newsletters and what that will entail (whether it’s company updates, info on sales, daily deals, weekly tips, etc). It’s important they know what to expect, you want them to be interested so the list is quality not quantity.

A photo by Jeff Sheldon. unsplash.com/photos/9dI3g8owHiI

Rules and regulations

Know the rules before starting an email subscription list. Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) makes it very clear what you need to do to follow its laws. You must:  

  • Have the recipient’s consent
  • Identify your company
  • Be truthful; and
  • Offer an unsubscribe button

To get more information on the exact laws around running an email marketing campaign, visit the CASL website’s FAQ section.  


The best way to create a subscription lists is to use an email marketing software that makes it simple for you to send out these mass emails. There are many great services out there, so you need to compare the ones that will be the most beneficial to your small business. Here is an infographic from Capterra with the most popular email marketing software services. Make sure to create a list of what services you need and which company will be best for your business.

Launching a successful campaign

Once you’ve got your signups and your software is in place, You’ll need to get organized. Here are some key email marketing tips for a successful email marketing campaign.

  • Send a welcome email  Remind them why they are on the list and what they have to look forward too. Try out a special offer for those who subscribed first to keep them interested.
  • Set up a calendar – Include dates, events and specials which will help you when it comes to writing a new email. Create a sending routine. A calendar will also help you to plan ahead for important dates (say you want to send out a small business month email).
  • Make your email marketing meaningful – You’re marketing to people who already engaged with your brand. Return customers are where you will see the most profit.
  • Make your email easy to read – use images and bold headlines so it is easy to scan. You don’t want to scare off readers with a text heavy email. Chances are they are probably checking it on the go. Keep it brief and visual so they stay captivated.
  • Be personal – With lists you can tailor your emails to certain interests.


Taking advantage of email marketing is a great tactic for your small business. By creating return customers that are happy with your products and services, you will be sure to increase sales.


Busy entrepreneur? Need a website? Don’t know where to advertise? We can take care of your online presence. Follow our LinkedIn and Twitter for more tips on how to launch and run a business.

Anastasia graduated with a BA Honors Communications Degree and is currently pursuing her passion for writing and helping small businesses succeed.