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Visual Marketing for your Business


Ready to improve your brand with visual media? Check out The Entrepreneurs Club’s newest partner, Arnold Street Media.

Digital media is on the rise and that means small businesses need to use modern content in order to stand out from their competitors. Visual marketing is one of the best ways to do so. More than ever, people are glued to their phones, presenting businesses with the perfect opportunity to attract new customers using high quality visual media in their online marketing.

Visuals increase your marketing efforts and make your company more memorable to your customers. They allow your brand to connect with your audience on an emotional level and can be used on your website, through print and across all of your social media channels to create a unified brand image.

After all, marketing is about communication. You want to clearly communicate your message to your audience and the best way to do that is through visual media marketing.


The power of images

Images can turn concepts and ideas into something more concrete and can often be your selling point. Your customers will be able to envision your brand and the products or services you offer.

Your logo is great for your profile image across your social media channels. Stock images are good to use for blog posts or pictures that have a text on top of them. Professional images should be used in the high-traffic areas of your website such as your website’s background image, your about page, your product pages, and to personalize your social media pages. Not all of your professional images have to be of people or products. You can include graphic design images across your site, such as infographics for easily digestible information.

There are many reasons your business needs professional images:

  • Your business will look relevant and exciting. (Because it is!)
  • Images appeal to the emotion of the viewer.
  • Social media advertising relies heavily on visual imagery.
  • Your client will be able to see your business’ brand in a visually attractive and creative way.
  • You will have original content to publish across social media and your website.
  • Professional head shots are great for making your brand look more personal. These photos are also great for social media, websites and your LinkedIn profile.

Plus, with professional images, you don’t have to worry about anyone else using the same image on their site. They make your brand unique.


The power of video

Video is an engaging form of content that represents your brand and helps to improve your SEO. Videos are also useful for presenting common problems and showing the solutions that your business offers. Including a professional video on your website will increase your leads and since sales impact your brand, it’s important to make sure it’s high quality. While it may seem expensive, video is one of the best marketing tools out there, so using it should be a priority for your business.

What makes videos so great? They are:

  • Easily shareable content for social media.
  • A tool to create an emotional connection to your brand.
  • A great way to welcome visitors to your website and keep them engaged.
  • Important for SEO, increasing sales and improving retention.
  • Great for driving traffic to your website as the video can feature a CTA leading the viewer to make a purchase, visit a site or click for more info.
  • Able to provide a lot of information about your business in a short amount of time, without losing the viewer’s attention.

Online marketing using visual media is the most powerful way to convey your message and brand voice to your customers. Professional images, video and graphic design are the perfect content to be used across your website, social media channels, and print marketing. Through The Entrepreneurs Club we can offer you exclusive discounts to creative products and services. Our newest member of the club, Arnold Street Media, focuses heavily on professional videos, images, graphic design, content production and more to create a unique way to represent your brand.

Ready to improve your brand with visual media? Check out The Entrepreneurs Club’s newest partner, Arnold Street Media.

Anastasia graduated with a BA Honors Communications Degree and is currently pursuing her passion for writing and helping small businesses succeed.