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Stress can wreak havoc on our mind and body, that’s why Dr. Glen Edwards specializes in revitalizing your mind – so you can lead the best life possible! We’re dedicated to delivering excellent service and total client satisfaction! Call now to book your appointment!
1632 14th Ave NW Suite 260, Calgary, AB, T2N 1M7
SUPPORTING YOU THROUGH LIFE'S CHALLENGES Counselling for children, adults, and families facing a variety of life challenges. LIFE TRANSITIONS Adjust to the "new normal". Adult life transitions, (i.e., divorce, displacement, career transitions and health issues) can prove to be a challenge to maintaining your day to day life. These transitions can affect how we view ourselves, and how we cope with stress. My aim in working with clients dealing with life transitions, is to help you adjust and improve your coping skills and to make sense of your “new normal”. TRAUMA RECOVERY Foster your resourcefulness. Trauma is a normal response to an abnormal situation. I believe that everyone who is dealing with the aftereffects of trauma already has a deal of great courage and resourcefulness. My aim in in working with children and adults dealing with trauma is to help you understand how trauma may have affected your brain chemistry, how you interpret/experience the world and to develop new coping skills. SELF REGULATION Understand your emotions. Do you or your child’s emotional reactions sometimes feel too extreme to manage? All emotions are natural and serve a purpose, however sometimes we need modify how we experience and react to them. My aim in working with self-regulation in children and adults is to help you understand what your emotions are trying to express and to train yourself or your child to manage these emotions in a helpful fashion. First 30 minute coffee and consultation is FREE!
Unit 700 - 1816 Crowchild Trail NW, Calgary, AB, T2M 3Y7
Mandala Counselling provides private and professional emotional wellness services for all ages, backgrounds and individual challenges. Your overall mental wellness influences how you think, feel, and behave in daily life. It also greatly impacts your ability to cope with stress, overcome challenges, build relationships, and recover from life’s setbacks and hardships. Whether you’re looking to cope with a specific mental health problem, handle your emotions better, or simply to feel more positive and energetic, there are plenty of things you can do to take control of your mental health—starting today. Call today for your free 15 min consultation ~ book at that same time and you'll receive 50% off your first session.
Proudly serving Calgary and surrounding area
What’s between living a life we love and ‘soldiering on’? Having worked as a psychologist for over 25 years, I believe the answer is: “The Freedom to Choose”. I’ve come to realize that having ‘free choice’ is not as easy as it might seem. Most of us learned ways of being that were helpful earlier in our lives but no longer support us. Engaging in a counselling process which is personalized for you will help you to discover and transform such patterns. You will tap into your inner strength and resources and learn new coping strategies. I believe that this journey is most effective when we feel safe, supported and accepted by someone who collaborates with us in a process designed to unfold our best (imperfect) selves. I’ve engaged in this process myself and celebrate when others choose to do so. Life is better on the other side of struggle! People often come to me seeking relief from specific issues such as anxiety, depression, panic or grief symptoms. Others engage in counselling to discover and transform the root cause of the problem they are facing – what I sometimes refer to as “spring cleaning”. I invite you to call (403) 283-1034 to book your first session.
1982 Kensington Rd. NW #221, Calgary, AB, T2N 3R5
At Kindred, our mission and purpose is to strengthen bonds and build relationships. We know that many transitions in our lives are woven with love and pain, sadness and joy, surprise and triumph. We understand these challenges and we are right beside you. We offer a wide array of services for individuals, couples and parents. Let us know how we can be there for you. About Erin Erin is certified Canadian counsellor with a unique blend of experience and clinical interests. Erin received her bachelor of arts degree in psychology with a minor in family relations from California State University at Chico. Erin went on to pursue a master of arts in counselling from Chapman University in Walnut Creek, California. Erin’s experiences as a school counsellor and as a family counsellor in the non-profit sector have prepared her to work with individuals from all walks of life, with a wide array of needs. Working from a foundation of attachment theory and mindfulness, Erin helps individuals and couples better understand their experiences within relationships.
4039 Brentwood Rd NW Suite 224, Calgary, AB, T2L 1L1
Welcome to Refresh Counselling By being here, you’ve already taken the courageous step of seeking professional help for an issue you are experiencing. We are conveniently located off of Crowchild Trail and Brisebois Dr. NW @ The Village. Our office is within range of the University of Calgary with easy access to Brentwood C-train Station. Here at Refresh Counselling, we understand that everyone experiences pain and challenges. We want to walk with you and work with you to help gain a deeper understanding, gain new tools and skills and ultimately find fresh solutions, perspectives and hope. We have experience in individual, couples and family counselling and we have helped people with a wide range of obstacles. We are passionately committed to helping our clients realize their full individual potential, and we tailor therapy to the unique needs of every person. Contact us today if you’re ready to start working towards the life you want.
#703, 7015 Macleod Trail S., Calgary, AB, T2H 2K6
Insight's mission is to promote the psychological health of people through the generation of awareness and the delivery of effective, prompt, quality psychological services. The vision of Insight Psychological Inc. is to be able to provide its specialized psychological services to all of North America while exploring and securing value-added community resources and treatment alternatives to all clients in need.
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714 45 St SW, Calgary, AB, T3C 2B5
We all face challenges and obstacles in our desire to achieve our full potential in life. One of the most effective ways to get beyond these is talking with a counsellor. I am interested in a wide range of areas in counselling, including life and career transitions, stress, anxiety and depression. My hours are flexible, and I can accommodate morning, afternoon and evening appointment times. eCounselling through Skype or telephone conversation is also available. Call to schedule a free consultation.
226 - 222 16th Avenue NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 1J8
The purpose of psychotherapy is to improve or restore an individual's functioning and sense personal well being, which should improve the quality of life. Jhan Groom is a Registered Art Therapist and Provisional Psychologist working in Calgary, AB. In addition to working with adults, she specializes in working with children (age 2-12) with a variety of issues, from behaviors and grief, to trauma; women and children who have experienced domestic abuse; and individuals who have experienced other forms of trauma (physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse). Jhan also works with elders who have issues from physical illness to hoarding. She also helps individuals experiencing depression, anxiety and anger. Jhan follows the philosophy of client-led therapy. This matches the type of therapy used to the needs of the client. In addition to art therapy the therapeutic modalities she uses are: Attachment-focused EMDR (Laural Parnell), solution focused therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy and Cognitive Behavioral therapy. Most sessions are done on an individual basis, although from time to time, special groups such as women and children's art therapy groups, or hoarding groups may be offered.
Montgomery Community, Calgary, AB
There are times in all of our lives when we experience difficulties. We may feel as though we are struggling to stay afloat as waves of stress, conflict, or pain threaten to overwhelm us and pull us under. While we may not be able to stop the waves, counselling can help us to discover strategies and make changes that will not only help us stay afloat, but increase our sense of strength and confidence to manage whatever comes our way. Counselling is a collaborative process that begins with identifying your goals and clarifying a plan to help you achieve what you want out of life. These plans can be adjusted at any time to best meet your needs and to manage any barriers that may be getting in the way. Many people find that counselling increases personal insight and wisdom, which can lead to living a more meaningful, joyful and authentic life.
2804 16th Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2T 4G4
I offer decades of relevant experience and expertise to clients who are in the midst of a life changing transition and/or existential dilemma. My approach entails creating a safe, open, engaging relational space and then acting as a catalytic companion by using strategic questions to probe and coax the client to the discoveries and adaptations that will make a difference for them. Once the client's stress states, emotional concerns and confused thinking have been calmed and clarified, my aim is to identify and build upon their signature strengths so that they can fully realize their potentials and capacities. I am a registered psychologist who specializes in existential/humanistic counselling, emotion-focused therapy, narrative therapy, cognitive therapy, Gottman-informed couples therapy, positive psychology techniques, conflict resolution, stress management and mindfulness training. I create the conditions whereby the everyday lives of my clients become more pleasurable, engaging and meaningful. My therapeutic philosophy is to "meet them where they are and take them where they are going". I believe to "affect the quality of the day is the highest of the arts". Together we will bridge differences, solve dilemmas and create discoveries. Contact me today for more information.
4620 Manilla Rd SE, Calgary, AB, T2G 4B7
People in all walks of life and circumstances experience hardships and difficulties that affect the quality of their lives. I believe that it is possible to overcome the effects of these difficulties, no matter how overwhelming they may seem in the present. Are you struggling with worry, stress or depression? Do you feel all alone and that no one else could possibly understand? Does your life feel out of control or do you just feel stuck? Together we can work towards wholeness and healing. You are not alone.
259 Midpark Way S.E. Unit 226B, Calgary, AB, T2X 1M2
I am a Certified Integrative Body Psychotherapy Practitioner with a Masters degree in Social Work. I have been practicing mind/body counselling for the past 16 years in the areas of anxiety, depression, addictions, self-esteem, trauma and abuse. I believe that talk therapy is not enough to address most issues. I feel that you need to deal with the whole person, integrating mind, body, emotions and spirit to bring about lasting change. Ignoring the body will have very limited success in the treatment of psychological pain. Any event that occurs in our lives impacts our whole being-physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. If something happens to our energy early in life, we develop a poor sense of self which becomes buried under defensive blocks. If we have had to block our feelings, we block the healthy flow of energy. Blocks appear as muscular tension in the body. By contacting blocks in the body, relaxing the tensions that produced them, releasing the energy to flow freely, the self can emerge and a sense of well-being can be restored. Dysfunctional patterns cannot be changed by talk alone, it is only by going back home to the site of where the injury happened-the body-where real change can occur. When aliveness in the body is reawakened, one experiences an intensified sense of self-authenticity that can be expressed through relationships with others, leading to higher levels of personal fulfillment and intimacy.
1407 10 St SW, Calgary, AB, T2R 1E7
Dr. Val Kendall offers the following services: - Counselling/Therapy for adults, children and groups - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Play Therapy - Hypnotherapy - Biofeedback - HeartMath - Psychoeducational Assessments - Solution-Focused Therapy - Expressive Arts for healing - Body/Mind Therapies Val believes that the relationship established with the client is paramount in facilitating client growth and helping the client to recognize their own strengths and resources. She is an eclectic professional who uses approaches relevant to each client and regards herself and the client as a team who work together. Val previously facilitated groups addressing family violence issues. Contact Val today for more information or to schedule an appointment. Second location: 106-100 Stockton Ave Okotoks T1S2E1
2420-32nd Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, T2T 1X3
Practicing in Calgary since 1967. Dr Smelski specializes in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for treatment and healing of brain function after trauma. Registered as a Social Worker in clinical private practice with Alberta College of Social Workers. A current member of the Association of Christian Therapists. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.
1842 14 St SW, Calgary, AB, T2T 3S9
I have a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Calgary and Master’s of Counselling degree from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. I have specialized in the areas of postpartum depression, addictions, healthy relationships, and parenting. Over the last 10 years I have worked doing group and individual counselling with a wide variety of clients. I have worked at a government agency and several community agencies. I have worked with people experiencing postpartum depression, addictions, and families facing difficulties during separation and divorce. I believe if I can help clients identify and overcome hurdles that this process will lead to a more authentic and meaningful life. Some of these obstacles, or transitions, may include: • Postpartum depression • Addictions • Unhealthy Relationships (Abuse) • Separation • Divorce • Anxiety • Parenting • Grief/Loss • Depression • Parenting • Aging Contact me today to book an appointment.
Suite 305 - 320 23rd Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T2S 0J2
Health Upwardly Mobile (HUM) is a health and wellness company based in Calgary, Alberta. We are a interdisciplinary team of health professionals focusing on integrated care delivery for addiction, mental health, chronic pain, occupational health and disability management for acute and chronic conditions including stress, family and relationship problems HUMs unique strength is our ability to draw on individual and collaborative expertise to provide tailored individual care within an Integrated Continuing Care Framework. For all new referrals, this involves a comprehensive assessment to identify the individual’s physical and/or mental health issues. We also recognize the importance of the bio-psycho-social and spiritual dimensions for individuals and their families. Our work reflects collaborative strategies, preventive resources and leading edge research in the areas of Short Term Counseling and Long Term Therapy, Occupational Health and Disability Case Management, Chronic Pain Management, Addiction and Mental Health concerns. Treatment, recovery and rehabilitation recommendations will focus on returning the individual to a state of “wellness” as soon as possible. Recommendations will be designed to ensure the earliest return to work and/or healthy living within the capabilities of each individual.
124 Canterville Drive Southwes, Calgary, AB, T2W 4R3
205 259 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, AB, T2X 1M2
At Simply Counselling Services we offer an environment that is warm and inviting. We focus on creating a strong relationship with you to help support you through your solution process. Using a Post-Modern approach in therapy, which includes Solution-Focused Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy and Narrative, you will be able to find your solution. Creating goals helps to keep you on track and allows you to see your progress as you work toward each solution. Contact us today.
2-323 17th Ave SW, Calgary, AB, T2S 0A5
We provide a space where you can work to resolve the challenging parts of your life, grow to live each day with more meaning or simply endeavor to become your very best. We also offer clinical consultation on topics such as: mental health issues, parenting, and youth at-risk. Our goal is to exceed every one of your expectations through our values of honesty, reliability and professionalism. Contact us today for more information!
1167 Kensington Crescent NW 305, Calgary, AB, T2N 1X7
222-999 8th St SW, Calgary, AB, T2R 1J5
Janus Associates offers counselling services to individuals, couples, and families through personal, employer, and physician referral. Janus Associates also offers wellness initiatives and Employee (and Family) Assistance Programs to organizations. We have a group of highly qualified and experienced registered psychologists and social workers, and other treatment specialists in Calgary. Our treatment professionals offer therapy and treatment for many issues including depression, anxiety, stress, anger management, sexuality issues, health psychology, marriage/couples issues. Services to organizations include critical incident management, fitness for work assessments and disability management and wellness workshops.
1407 10th Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2R 1E7
739 Lake Bonavista Drive SE, Calgary, AB, T2J 0N2
Tanya K. TInney is a registered psychologist in private practice, providing counselling and assessment services to individuals and couples. Issues that counselling and related techniques and approaches can often provide significant relief for include: - depression - anxiety - grief/loss l- ow self-esteem - relationship issues - finding your purpose in life - family/parenting problems
Suite 203, 3604-52nd Avenue NW, Calgary, AB, T2L 1V9
Our team provides empathetic understanding, expertise, and practical intervention to help you experience positive change in your self, relationships, and life. We are committed to using a collaborative framework which involves open participation and communication. Mandate: Use collaborative approaches to engage in a dialogue around different perspectives and solutions through assessment & counselling services. Vision: Despite the ever growing adversity and stress life has to offer, through our collaboration we can learn, heal, and grow.
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