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2748 37th Ave, Calgary, AB, T1Y 5L2
Devoted to the success of our students, National Institute of Wellness & Esthetics offers the most thorough and comprehensive Aesthetics course available. We also offer a relaxed, modern and friendly learning environment. Our advanced techniques will have you confident and ready to apply your professional skills immediately after you complete the Aesthetics Program. You will be qualified to provide: Advanced Facials Advanced Skin Analysis Microdermabrasion Chemical Peels Body Wraps and Scrubs Laser Facials Spa Manicure & Pedicure Waxing Brazilian waxing
1516, 240 70 Shawville Blvd SE, Calgary, AB, T2Y 2Z3
WHAT if you could start BUILDING YOUR SMALL BUSINESS With high unemployment and economic decline worldwide, nearly everyone is worried about job security. Nearly everyone must rely on someone else to keep them employed. But consider this... Most financial experts and economists agree that the best way to protect your financial future is to be in business for yourself, to become an entrepreneur. Ariix provides a unique opportunity to start your own business without a large initial investment, in a field that is virtually recession-proof: health and wellness. PURITII JOUVESKIN SLENDERIIZ REVIIVE PRIIMEOILS Contact me today to learn more or to start your own Ariix business. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to step up and take control of your financial future. CALL: 1.888.448.5646 NOW!
Proudly serving Calgary and surrounding area
I got into Young Living Essential Oils about 1 year ago, my sister in law introduced me into YL. My passion ever since has grown so strong for the oils. I've tried lots of other oils in the past , but Young Living are 100% pure and you can tell the difference! Young Living has been helping immensely on myself, my family as well as our animals. I also enjoy helping others start a healthier life. Young Living has lots of topics to learn about, all of which are chemical free and safe for babies or animals. Young Living has an A+ with the BBB as well as we have 80 NHP approved essential oils! How exciting. I would love you to join me on my wonderful journey. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email me any time!
Proudly catering for customers in Canada and USA., Calgary, AB, T3J 3Y2
What if you could wake up each day full of energy and vitality with the overwhelming feeling of wellness? What about having that unmistakable glow of radiant good health, abundant possibilities and ample prosperity? That’s exactly what Youngevity is all about! We exist to deliver exceptional nutrition and healthy lifestyle solutions for you, so you can more easily meet the often overwhelming demands of modern living. Our goal is to exceed every one of your expectations through our values of honesty, reliability and professionalism. Contact us today for more information!
Proudly serving Calgary and surrounding area
Arbonne's Health and Wellness line, based on botanical principles, has in over 30 years grown to include both inner and outer health and beauty products that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits and results! Arbonne is committed to the development of unparalleled products free of harmful ingredients, using a combination of botanical principles and scientific discovery. Held to the stricter EU standards, all products undergo rigorous safety assessments and finished formulas pass strict safety testing to ensure their highest quality. Arbonne product is Botanically-based, pH correct at 5.5, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist, Ophthalmologist and Pediatrician tested, Gluten Free, Vegan Certified and PETA approved. Arbonne is proud to be carcinogen free! The risk of hormone disruption and infertility is also reduced by being phthalate free. To help maintain overall health we don't use petroleum based ingredients. Arbonne personal care products are formulated without Animal products or animal by-products, Parabens, Preservatives, Formaldehyde donating preservatives and the following Petroleum based ingredients: Benzene, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Phthalates and Toluene. They are also formulated without PABA, Dyes or chemical fragrances and Sodium laurel sulphate. Arbonne Essentials (nutrition) health and wellness products are formulated without Artificial colours, Artificial flavours, Artificial sweeteners, Animal products or animal by-products, Cholesterol, Saturated Fats, Trans Fats, Gluten and Soy. Arbonne has Preferred Client and Independent Consultant benefits. Preferred Clients enjoy a 20% discount every order while Consultant's enjoy 35% and a lucrative income opportunity with flexibility and minimal start up costs. We are in 7 countries (the Canada, USA, UK, Poland, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan) and growing. Shipping is no problem.
­, Calgary, AB, T2W 4R5
Give your body the chance it needs to heal itself! Are you dealing with a health condition such as carpel tunnel, MS, depression, fibromyalgia, IBS, asthma, panic attacks, cancer, muscle aches or pains, and so forth? Do you have a child struggling in school or has been diagnosed with a behavior code? The list of conditions that can be successfully treated is endless. Do you have a condition that the medical field just doesn't seem to be able to help with? Maybe you are struggling with a condition that is causing you a lot of pain, grief, or blocking you from accomplishing your goals. Sure the medical field can load you up with medication, but is it helping to heal the condition or just mask the symptoms? You need to get to the underlying cause of the health condition in order for your body to start a healing process and return to optimal wellness. CLICK HERE to VISIT our WEBSITE It has been shown that your body and body energy is impacted by all the emotions that we feel on a daily basis. Our bodies take this emotional energy, good or bad, and stores it in your body where it is harbored until it is released. In the meantime your body is filling up with these stored emotions like a suitcase about to burst, potentially creating all sorts of ill health and dis-ease. Your body often also takes these emotions that have been created and stores them around your heart, creating a heart wall. The body does this to protect you from being hurt even more then you have been, but by doing this, it hampers your ability to be able to feel love, feel compassion, all the awesome emotions that one should be able to feel in life. A heart wall can also be the root of health challenges for you, but thankfully I am here to help. I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I can access your bodies inner energy, locate and safely release buried emotions that may be causing a lot of your health problems. the method is non-invasive, fast, accurate and effects are often felt immediately. Please read my testimonials below to hear the stories of just a sampling of my many happy clients. Many clients have stated that they have felt the emotion leave the body energy and have felt a hundred pounds lighter after the session. Often I am asked, "How many sessions will I need?" Unfortunately there is no one correct answer to this question, as it is different for each person depending on how many stored emotions need to be released to achieve your goal. Emotions can also be passed down from your ancestral lineage, and passed on to your children from you. When I clear emotions I have the ability to clear them from generations past, and sever the ties so that your emotional baggage does not hinder the health of your descendants. In addition to the amazing healing properties of The Emotion Code, I also utilize The Body Code. Combined you have two of the most advanced healing modalities around today. No other healing system can access and release the buried emotions, at the root of your concerns like The Emotion Code and The Body Code can. You owe it to yourself and your health! The Emotion Code healing work is not only limited to adults. Animals, pets and children all respond quickly and positively to the release of buried emotions. You can find testimonials of my work with these groups below. Many great stories have resulted from the release of emotions that have been stored by your favorite pet and friend, right from your pet cat to your favorite riding friend, your horse. If you have a pet of any sort that just can't seem to recover from an illness, and or it's behavior becomes, out of sorts, then it is a good possibility that your pet has stored emotions that are causing the issue. Removing these emotions could be just " what the doctor ordered ", Sessions are very convenient as I have the ability to access this inner energy from any where in the world, it does not matter where you might be located. Energy knows no bounds. I do sessions in person, over the phone, or over Skype. For babies and children some find it is best to wait until they are asleep and then the care-giver acts as a surrogate and I act as the proxy. In just a little bit of your time your emotions can be released and you can start your body back on it's healing journey. Cost for Emotional release sessions are as follows. 1 Hour session - $125.00 Half Hour session - $75.00 Please don't let the cost of the sessions scare you off, a whole lot of releasing can be done in such a short time. You are worth it, Your body is worth it, and Your health is worth it....Your peace of mind is worth it, I am also an energy healer, Certified Usui Reiki and Siechim Master, an Angel card reader trained through Angels Teach University, a Certified Rain Drop Practitioner, trained by Gary Young. and supply and use Young Living essential oils and supplements. I work with pendulums and muscle testing through your body energy with help from my Angelic Guides and or yours, or whom ever wishes to help the session proceed as long as they are of Gods light and love, and can channel when necessary. You may wish to view my main website which gives much more detailed information about myself, The Emotion Code and my other training, You may wish to view my Young Living Essential Oils website - Or you may wish to visit my mobile site and web site with 411, at If you would like more information regarding this or would like to book a session to see if it may help with your struggle , you can contact me today! Ask for Miles, and have an awesome day. Namaste.
Proudly serving Calgary and surrounding area
In am a certified Health and Wellness Coach. I help women loose weight, increase their energy and confidence in a fun and easy way without excessive dieting, deprivation and military exercise so that they can become the most beautiful version of themselves. Health coaching provides the right system, the right support and the right accountability to help you transform your health and your body for good. I specialize in: - Weight loss - Increasing your Energy levels - Controlling your sugar cravings - Increasing your digestion - Gaining more confidence - Learning how to live a balanced lifestyle Health coaching is the perfect solution for you if you: • Want to loose weight when nothing else has been working for you. • You are tired of dieting, and depriving your body of the foods that you love. This is not attainable! • Your energy crashes mid day and your walking around in a fog. • You have sugar cavings which lead to binging. • Have digestive problems that seem to linger. • You are confused as what to eat. Contact us today for more information.
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Proudly serving Calgary and surrounding area
Congratulations on making a decision to get fit and healthy with Beachbody workouts and nutritional products. My passion in life is to help YOU reach your health and fitness goals. With support and encouragement, I coach an on-line, private challenge group with others who are on the same journey to health and wellness. I am super excited to share my beach body experiences with others and help inspire others in their quest to change their bodies and their lives for the better.
Proudly serving Calgary and surrounding area
Young Living provides you with the world's purest essential oils and oil-infused products, along with a passionate commitment to empower individuals to whole-life wellness. A global, purpose driven wellness revolution is underway and Young Living leads the charge. For more than 20 years, Young Living has set the standard for essential oil purity and potency. At the heart of our quality promise is Seed to Seal, a proprietary process that focuses on the five most important requirements for producing authentic essential oils. Our oils are are created for a purpose, not a profit and because of the Seed to Seal promise, Young Living Essential Oils will always be 100% Therapeutic Grade, with nothing ever added or taken away. If you are looking at starting your oily journey, want to jump head first into this lifestyle or just dabble in with some switch and ditch efforts please let me help you with Young Living and all this company has to offer. Here's to your wellness, purpose and abundance
Proudly serving Calgary and surrounding area
What is Monat??? It's an all-naturally based anti-aging haircare line. Vegan, Gluten free, cruelty free, and free of harsh chemicals or toxins. The big differences are: Monat actually cleans the hair follicle (which can get gummed up and causes hairs to stop growing) AND the three layers of the hair shaft (which prevents breakage and product buildup)... AND the key active ingredient, which is called Capixyl (derived from red clover) which stimulates new growth and helps with several skin conditions including psoriasis. Let me know if you'd like a free sample!
11420-27 Street SE Remedy RX Pharmacy, Calgary, AB, T2Z 3R6
Immunotec health and beauty products were developed to enhance vitality and well-being in general. Almost two decades of medical research back these products and the company has always pursued its commitment to research and development. The Immunotec research team is renowned for its record level in innovation and owns patents worldwide. It is undoubtedly a sure sign of the company’s commitment to medical research and it transposes the results of these researches in products that will enhance health and well-being for those who use them. The Elasense skin care collection was developed with the collaboration of a renowned dermatologist so you can be sure that all products have the research and expertise behind them. The complete line of products is worth discovering. Whether it is to improve your health in general, lose weight, deal with a particular health problem, or improve the look and feel of your skin, Immunotec has products for your required needs. Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to answer your queries. Contact me!
­, Calgary, AB, T3M 0H9
Plexus Worldwide is committed to providing our Ambassadors with life-changing products and a unique and rewarding business opportunity. The combination of our products and opportunity help open the door to personal success and financial freedom. In early 2011 Plexus Worldwide launched the synergistic product combination of Plexus Slim and Accelerator. The initial results were extremely impressive and sales have grown dramatically month over month. Our core beliefs are simple: Be Trustworthy, Be Honest, Be Reliable, and Be Responsible. These beliefs encompass all that we do. You can have confidence in the quality of our products, the commitment to our Ambassadors, and the support we will provide to help you succeed.
501 - 30 Avenue NW, Calgary, AB, T2M 2N7
­, Calgary, AB, T3A 5L8
Thrive Life is your premier source for healthy, convenient, and cost efficient foods. Our freeze dried foods are the future of the mealtime experience. We are the standard of quality, innovation and opportunity. We provide a clear vision and meaningful experiences for others. We are passionate about helping individuals to realize their full potential. We demonstrate honesty in everything we do. We earn the trust of others through dependability and ethical practices. Through commitment and perseverance we will accomplish the vision of Thrive Life. Contact me today to learn more about the amazing products and business opportunity!
800 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB, T2P 2M5
Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. demonstrates its tradition of innovation through its comprehensive anti-aging product portfolio, independent business opportunity and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Nu Skin’s scientific leadership in both skin care and nutrition has established Nu Skin as a premier anti-aging company, evidenced in its unique ageLOC™ science that addresses the sources of aging. The company’s anti-aging products feature the new ageLOC portfolio of skin care products including ageLOC Future Serum and the ageLOC Edition Galvanic Spa® System II, as well as Tru Face® Essence Ultra and LifePak® Nano. As an anti-aging leader, Nu Skin's innovative skin care and nutritional products offer exclusive benefits that can be demonstrated.
20 Crowfoot Crescent NW, Unit 610, Calgary, AB, T3G 2P6
3401 - 16969, 24th St SW, Calgary, AB, T2Y 0L2
Anjna is a Certified Usui & Karuna Reiki Master with 17 years' experience in teaching Reiki and treating clients in India, Vancouver, Medicine Hat College as well as privately. Now in Calgary. She teaches Reiki from level 1 to Mastership in Usui & Karuna Reiki systems in Calgary, Medicine Hat, Okotoks, High River and Priddis. She has 25 years' experience in Yoga and Pranayama and uses Pranic Healing, Colour and Crystal therapies along with Reiki for clients. Her other classes are Pranic Healing, Therapeutic Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Healing Mudras, Quit Smoking and East Indian Vegetarian Cooking. Anjna is a Law graduate from India and has worked in Accounting for a decade and now is pursuing her soul's urge of Healing Work by devoting herself to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness in the community. Has experience in Transcendental and Vipassana Meditation.
­, Calgary, AB, T2A 3N8
My name is Doug Strong, and I joined Herbalife in January 2015 with the goal of becoming healthier. After my first month of drinking Herbalife shakes and tea with aloe, I lost 15 lbs! I'm now down 30lbs since the start of my journey and want to share these amazing results with others. About Herbalife Herbalife is a leading nutrition company that has been around for 35 years helping people pursue a healthy lifestyle. They offer high quality products that combine the best of science and nature to support a lifetime of good health, from nutrition to outer health care. They provide a proven business opportunity with nominal start-up fees that empower people to achieve their dreams, financial freedom and enjoy the rewards of helping others to become healthier. I encourage anyone to contact me via email at or through text or phone at (403) 483-4214 for any questions about Herbalife products, my story, or any other inquiries.
11820 Elbow Dr SW, Calgary, AB, T2W 1G9
Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Mannatech pioneered the science of glyconutrition and created a new standard in nutritional wellness through our commitment to Real Food Technology solutions. So we’ve highlighted some of our core products below, which we believe can help you create a solid framework for healthy living. • NutriVerus™ • Ambrotose® Complex • PhytoMatrix® Caplets • Ambrotose AO® Capsules • PLUS™ Caplets • Uth™ Advanced Skin Care Rejuvenation Crème Contact me today for more information about Mannatech and its wonderful products!
Hunterview Drive NW, Calgary, AB, T2K 4P8
Lose Weight BEFORE the Holidays! Natures Sunshine Products 1. Scientifically proven INFORM weight loss system. Can be done individually or in groups. Starter pack available for quick start and success. This can be ordered online from anywhere in Canada , USA, and 13 other countries. 2. Advanced Muscle Response Testing manually or with the computerized COMPASS system helps to analyze your body's individual needs and create an individualized nutritional supplement program. 100% money back guarantee on the Natures Sunshine Products with your account. Appointment needed. 3. Energy field balance with my Certified Healing Touch Practitioner designation.Good for nervous system disorder, better sleep, wound healing, times of transition and much more. Appointment needed.
A "Professional Hippie" and Reiki Practitioner, I offer a unique blend of Intuition and Energy Therapy to my services. Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit is key to helping my clients to find their true best selves. From nutrition and cell health for more energy and weight loss to guidance on listening to their own inner voice, happiness is the end result. Everyone needs a friend in health sometimes. Contact me to see if I am to be part of your wellness journey. Services offered: Reiki Animal Reiki Intuitive Readings Distance Readings Dowsing and Space Clearings Crystal Grids Angel Card Parties Nutrition Consultation specializing in gluten free, low glycemic lifestyle choices, weight loss, supplements and superfoods Spa Parties and info nights on chemical free skin care Meditations Angelic and Intuitive Training Low Glycemic Education
Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic's innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning. Kangen water cures many health disorders including acne, Psoriasis, complication with diabetes, cancer, obesity and more. Also, everyday use promotes healthy young skin, internal health and many other benefits coming from alkaline water. Moreover, it is one time business opportunity for personal dealers. Don`t delay buy your machine now and get solution you need Today! You can buy online just visit:
Arbonne combines superior, botanically based products with a generous compensation plan, exceptional support, training and committed leadership to create the perfect window of opportunity for you. With Arbonne, life is full of awesome opportunity — to earn a living, enjoy a flexible schedule, to transform your life and the lives of others. Imagine the possibilities! Discover how fulfilling life can be as an Arbonne Independent Consultant. Contact me to learn more!
I truly believe that PREVENTION IS THE CURE! Maximize your nutrition, nourish your dreams, and feed your ambitions. Improve your well being with Valentus Functional Beverages! SlimRoast Coffee, Trim, Immune Boost and Energy I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I will help you create a completely personalized “road map to health and wealth!"
Kyäni’s believes in helping people experience more health, more wealth, and more life. This is done through Kyäni's line of extraordinary dietary supplements and a revolutionary Distributor compensation plan that get results. Our mission is to bring hope–the promise of a better life–through wellness and opportunity. Our legacy is to help people Experience More, and it must be accomplished in a way that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Contact me today for more information.
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