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1529 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G 3J3
Natural, Easy Singing with Powerful, Beautiful Voice *I focus on your 'POTENTIAL, STRENGTHS & GIFTS' already within you to find & empower your authentic voice. WWW.SUNGHEESTEPAK.COM Ph. 778 - 926 - 7569 " Please feel free to drop me an e-mail or give me a ring for more information . . Thank you so much ! " SUNGHEE STEPAK - PROFESSIONAL SINGER & PIANIST SINGING / VOICE & PIANO Lessons/ Coach *One to One Private Lessons BEGINNERS TO PROFESSIONALS OFFERING ‘SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICES’ ' PROJECT YOUR VOICE EASILY, CONFIDENTLY, JOYFULLY ! ' All Styles - Pop, Jazz, R&B, Country, Funk, Rock, Blues, Reggae, Broadway, Classical & Contemporary Styles All Levels - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Ages - from grade 2(7 - 8 years) to 'Adults' v Fun and unique vocal exercises to improve your singing ability v The recipe for powerful, clear, beautiful singing v How to increase your vocal power v How to expand your range v How to sing more natural & easy, eliminating vocal strain and breaks by opening the Larynx v How to overcome stage fright and enjoy your performance Sunghee is the best vocal teacher / coach. Period. She is far better than I could ever imagine a coach could be and does far more than just teach you how to sing. If you are open and receptive to what she says to you, you will be rewarded. I promise you that. Sunghee understands what it take to be a singer. Even more important she will help you understand what you need to do to expand and extend yourself in everyway to be the best singer you can be (and to be the best person you can be). I have learned far more than I ever expected. I look forward, with great anticipation, to all my future sessions with Sunghee - Ron, Toronto, ON Sunghee isn't only an amazing vocal teacher but shes also an amazing role-model. With a bright spirit and so much self-love she really teaches you not only about great singing techniques but also about self-confidence, self-love and to never let anything stand in your way. When I started about half a year ago my voice was exceptionally good, besides the fact that my voice quivered and I couldnt sing a very large range of notes. Today, I couldn't be happier with my voice; I have learned to believe in my self and try my best. i've realized that I actually am a phenomenal singer, but i couldn't do it without the love and help from sunghee :) - Katherine, Toronto, ON Sunghee is an awesome vocal teacher. I've been taking vocal lessons from her for almost a year now and she has really helped me become better at singing. The techniques she teaches are very effective and she has helped me discover things I never thought I could do with my voice. Sunghee always makes every lesson a positive and enjoyable experience and she is one of the kindest and most caring people I've ever met. - Yeta, Toronto, ON I started taking singing lessons because it was one of my weaknesses that I wanted to improve upon. I have always had a passion for music but failed at singing in high school. Sunghee is a passionate, wonderful and caring coach, her inspiration and teaching methods help students to feel confident and resilient. Not only is Sunghee a great mentor, she is also a great friend for life. - Serena, Toronto, ON I've been taking singing lessons with Sunghee for half a year and I have found her to be a very intuitive teacher who can help you focus on your weaknesses while truly amplifying your strengths. Sunghee introduced me to the importance of tranquility and strength in the singing experience which I feel will resonate throughout the rest of my life. She is an overall excellent teacher with a caring soul and my time with her was certainly inspiring. - Kasper, Woodbridge, ON I've always wanted to take vocal and piano lessons since I was a child but I found myself to be too shy or afraid of approaching a vocal coach. It wasn't until my friend referred me to Sunghee that I decided to gather enough confidence to attend her lessons. After a few sessions with her, I realized that it was more than just musical improvement for me; she helped me become a better person as well. Sunghee is a very kind, and caring person who contributed a lot of her time to getting to know her students on a more personal level which definitely made it a lot more comfortable and enjoyable for me to attend her lessons. I've only been attending for 4 months so far and I've seen noticeable improvements in my range, clarity, pitch and she definitely boosted my confidence in singing and in life as well. Her invaluable lessons and advice changed my perspective of life in such an optimistic way. I wish I met Sunghee sooner! Thank you, Sunghee. - Dien, Brampton, ON It's been a little over a month I've been with Sunghee and I've realized one thing. Improvement. I never thought my voice could sound so good. When i hit 13 and my voice cracked, I had to pause singing for 3 years and I totally lost the sense of singing. I sounded horrific. However, Sunghee helped me to get right back on track and fixed up my voice. She really tries to let your hidden power of voice step out. So many vocal techniques are learned every visit to Sunghee which improves my singing abilities. She is a fantastic singer, pianist and definitely a great teacher that I know will make me a great singer one day. When being with her, time flies because of all the joy and excitement you have with her while singing. ( Along with the great tea she offers). She really makes you believe in your self, which I think is the main reason why any student would improve. She really is one of a kind. - David, Toronto, ON Ever since I took lessons with Sunghee, I have become so much more confident with my voice. Not only is Sunghee an amazing voice teacher, but she is also an inspirer. She is also an amazing singer and pianist, which makes it easy for her to express her feelings, and share them with me. Every time I have a singing lesson, I am so excited to come to Sunghee’s warm and welcoming home. Everything has such a positive vibe, which makes is a great environment to sing and learn. Sunghee has done so many things to make my life easier-like helping me to practice a song for my high school audition, or even helping me practice an upcoming music theory test. The great thing about Sunghee is that she really wants you to improve in what you are doing. At the beginning of my lessons, I didn’t believe that I would able to hit high notes with comfort. Sunghee is what made that dream come true, with some fun times of course! - Katerina, Toronto, ON "Before I started taking lessons with Sunghee, I seriously doubted whether I'd ever be able to sing with any confidence/skill. Within a few months Sunghee had transformed me from a musician who had always shied away from singing. The most impressive quality to her lessons is how easily she will adapt to what you want to get out of the time together. Many instructors will stick to familiar / typical songs and exercises, but Sunghee will go above and beyond to challenge your weaknesses while constantly building on your strengths. Sunghee is completely honest with your progress and has no hesitation to correct problems immediately, but she always does it in a respectful manner. I don't think it would be easy to find a similar instructor/student dynamic that I have with Sunghee." - Trevor, Toronto, ON "Sunghee has a beautiful soul that shines out in many ways. She is a truly unique and wonderful singer and pianist, and incredibly open, giving and caring as a teacher and person. Time spent with Sunghee will benefit you in ways that you were and were not expecting. Through connecting honestly and openly with yourself and your teacher you will grow artistically and spiritually. Sunghee is one of the most caring and understanding people I've ever met, anyone with an opportunity to meet her should, she is an inspiration." - Hazel, Toronto, ON I have had other vocal coaches before I met Sunghee and they were good, but Sunghees sessions are a step above to enlightening. She shares her experience and teaching wisdom and pushes you to your full potential using an energetic, wise approach. Sunghee's gentle ways taught me the techniques and stage ettiquite that gave me the confidence to sing solo on stage more than once and to keep in search of that Jazz trio as well. Sunghees lessons are priceless and will stay with you and benefit you. Thank you Sunghee. Namaste, - Michelle, Burnaby, B.C. "Sunghee rox! You'll love her the instant you meet her. I've been singing with her for less than a year and I've improved so much. Besides the progress I've made, she is so positive she'll lift your heart or brighten your day for all the positive things she says. The songs are graceful and musical they will lighten your soul with inspirational lessons - it gives you a whole new perspective on music. Sunghee is awesome, brightening and so positive you'll have a blast and the lessons will lift up your soul." - Barb, Toronto, ON I must say im so grateful to find Sunghee and have her as my Piano & Singing teacher. She is truly AMAZING in every kind of way. First of all she is a wonderful Piano & Singing teacher. She truly brings the best out of you and makes you find your gifts inside which you had never known about them! She is very kind, paitient and fun in her teaching, but yet very honest, caring & professional. As i said she sees the best in you and makes you progress & develop your skills in her own special ways. She is so INSPIRING and never gives up on you. Sunghee is not only a wonderful Piano & Singing teacher, She also is a great human being with a beautiful spirit and she always shares her love & knowledge. I get so excited and learn so much from her each time i go to her classes. She inspires you and makes you grow in different kind of way in your life. I always ask her for advices and she always shows me the best way and motivates me in her own ways. I Love her and her classes so much that even if one day, I become a professional singer and pianist, I still would love to take classes with her. She is like a best friend and she definitely is an AMAZING Teacher. Im truly Happy & Grateful to have the chance of knowing her and having her as my teacher. - Nazanin, Toronto, ON "Sunghee is caring and loving, not to mention a very great person. From when I started I thought the singing thing would be a hard thing to do but after a few lessons with Sunghee she made the art of sing clearer and easier to achieve. My pitch has improved, I can find notes easier and not to mention my confidence level is much greater! Sunghee not only teaches you how to sing she shows you that singing is more to just words and noise, its about confidence in yourself, believing you can do it, meditation and finding that happiness and Joy that everyone has inside. Taking singing lessons with Sunghee has been great and also fun. I would suggest her to anyone who feels the need to want to learn how to sing!" - Anthony, Toronto, ON Sunghee's vocal lessons are awesome. I can hear myself improving every week. She has wonderful advice, makes you a stronger person, wonderful at teaching and she also has the patience. But most importantly I would have alot of fun and time cant pass me by any faster! Its an incredible experience ! - JoYee, Mississauga, ON "Sunghee is much more than just a teacher. She is the most genuine person I've ever met, you can feel it through her music and teachings. From day one she has been patient and kind. I spoke to her about what I wanted to achieve and she's provided me with so much more. I actually look forward to taking her lessons every week. I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with Sunghee. I went to her with the intention of learning piano but now I'm motivated to practice even harder and take things to the next level. Not only will Sunghee teach you what you want to learn, she will also help bring out the "soul" in your music. Thank you Sunghee!" - Gordon, Toronto, ON Sunghee, you have been my inspiration not only to music but the kindness you have shown me will help me grow into a better person. I will always treasure the times we had together as teacher and student. One day I hope to pass this beautiful gift you had given me and inspire someone just like the way you had inspired me. - Sam, Vancouver, BC "Sunghee has given me a voice! Sunghee's lessons emphasized proper technique, teaching us good breath control, improving tone and phrasing. Fun warm-ups relaxed us and prepared us to sing a variety of fun jazz standards and pop music, including pieces she selected to suit our personal tastes, range and style. I was too embarrassed to even sing 'Happy Birthday' before taking lessons, and now I have the confidence to sing out loud." - Karen, Vancouver, BC Sunghee helps you to find more interests for Jazz piano and singing. She pays close attention for her students about what individuals really want to learn, about what they meed on their level.. and guide and lead them with a true heart... Also, her lesson is full of fun, never feel boring. you never feel that it's waste of time or money!! -Nicole, Vancouver, BC A fun experience that will be remembered for a life time, singing with Sunghee gives you the power and knowledge of using your voice. Hop on the plane and look forward to a warm and kind trip to her. Sunghee will teach you the ways of Jazz, Pop, R&B, and anything else she has to offer on your trip to singing. Have a safe trip and enjoy! - Sol, Vancouver, BC "Before taking lessons with Sunghee, I was very shy and had little confidence singing, but after only a few lessons, Sunghee helped me to discover my powerful voice within. Now I'm more comfortable and confident when singing and I can hear my voice improving each lesson. I greatly enjoy the singing lessons as Sunghee makes learning and practicing proper techniques fun and she always has something positive and uplifting to share. It's a wonderful experience and I always count the days until my next lesson!" - Jenny-Lyn, Scarborough, ON Sunghee creates a pleasant learning atmosphere. She's inspiring and supportive. I enjoy her vocal lessons as well as her piano lessons. She not only taught me the techniques but also showed me the rich flavour that music can bring to my life. - Janet, Vancouver, BC My wife Zhuzhu and I both really enjoyed the Group singing classes with Sunghee. She is an exceptional Singer/Pianist who is very dedicated to her craft and her students. Through her vocal exercises, song choice and personal attention to each student, Sunghee is able to bring out the music in each of us. I highly recommend anyone of any ability, who loves to sing, to join in on a Group or Private lesson with Sunghee! - Rob & Zhuzhu, Vancouver, BC "Sunghee is always full of cheer and joy. She is not only a kind piano teacher but also she is my life adviser. After I met her, she taught me how to play piano patiently from the very basic. However, the most satisfying thing as my piano teacher, she makes me smile every single lesson. No matter how sad or angry I was, after I finish my piano lesson with her, I found myself with a smiling face." - Soo, Toronto, ON "Sunhee shows a genuine interest for all her students and encourages them to grow musically and spiritually as well as physically and professionally. I have learnt so much with Sunghee and I have improved more than I could ever have expected. Taking lessons with Sunghee guarantees that music will become something natural in you". -Mark, Toronto, ON When i first started lessons with Sunghee. I was more than nervous. i couldnt actually believe i was at a singing lesson!!!. as this was something i wouldnt normally do. i explained that the only time i had ever sung.was after 10 beers at a bar, on the karaoke lol. obviously my pitch and notes were all over the place at the beginning of the lessons. i was feeling frustrated and anxious for the first few weeks. thinking, this just isnt for me. Sunghee found positives in me. and just wouldnt let me give up. confidence and believe in myself soon came. as well as focusing on my taste of music which she adapted to with ease. as the weeks went on. i became more technically improved and really started to enjoy every lesson. and couldnt wait till the following one. i still attend now, 6 months after my first lesson. ive made huge progress thanks to excellent and honest teaching. teaching, not just in music and singing department. but teaching in every day life .believing and finding inner strength in your self. and making the best out of who you are as an individual. Sunghee has thought me. I can honestly say Sunghee is a incredible music teacher, but most of all a wonderful and warm friend, - Jack, Toronto, ON My experience with singing before I met Sunghee consisted of singing in the shower, my car, and while I played my guitar accompanied with little confidence. I was determined to change and needed direction. My first lesson I left her house with the emotions of joy, excitement, hope, and the feeling that I'm taking the proper action towards achieving my goals and dreams. When my singing is flat or not clean, together we work past the road block until I hit the notes high or low that need to be hit. Sunghee is fun, spiritual, passionate, strict and she helped me find something that was hiding deep in me. I feel blessed to have such a singing coach and friend. - Mike, Toronto, ON I LOVE MY VOCAL COACH!!! I always knew I had A VOICE but I didn't know what to do with it!! So I did some research on vocal coaches in and around the GTA, I found SUNGHEE and began taking lessons. This was the best decision I have ever made in terms of my singing. She has made huge difference in the way that I sing and perform. Before I started taking lessons I was scared, nervous and doubtful about my vocal ability. She has helped me to LOVE and UNDERSTAND my voice. SUNGHEE is a also a positive person There has been many times that I have showed up at vocal lessons at my witts end, just ready to give up on music but I always leave feeling INSPIRED and ENCOURAGED. I have learned alot from Sunghee, I believe she will be an inspiration to any one who chooses her to assist them in their musical endeavors. - Anika, Scarborough, ON "I am not a singer, I'm a song writer who enjoys putting lyrics to music of any kind was my attitude before meeting Sunghee. I was curious, and looking to expand my knowledge in music when I decided to begin taking vocal lessons. With only a vague idea of what I truly wanted to accomplish I decided to call Sunghee who was referred to me by my girl friend. During my first lesson I had very low expectations of my own vocal ability and only within a couple of months Sunghee began to point out and bring light to a voice I never knew or believe I had. It has been three months now and I have improved far beyond anything I could have imagined. Not only was Sunghee confident in my hidden ability but she also possesses an amazing intuitive feel for what I am capable of even when I am completely oblivious to it. Her patient and positive attitude towards teaching music is sure to cultivate any vocal talent you may feel you have. She has definitely turned me into a believer of myself which is ultimately priceless. Thank GOD I decided to take the first step in my vocal development and Sunghee has helped me take every step since." - Jamelle, Missisauga, ON "I took piano lessons when I was young and wanted to get back into it in my second year of college. I was so lucky to have come across Sunghee! She has been such a positive influence in my life. She is a gifted and talented piano teacher. She is encouraging and very clear when teaching. After each lesson with Sunghee, I leave feeling uplifted, motivated and happy. Sunghee is a friendly, kind, and extremely genuine individual." - Kirstin, Etobicoke, ON * 19 years of teaching experience ** My job is to focus on your potential, strengths & gifts already within you to find your authentic voice. *** Growth of Spirit, Heart, Mind & Body is the core of Sunghee's Voice/Singing & Piano development.
12 3rd Ave E, Vancouver, BC, V5T 1C3
#712 - 1755 Robson St., Vancouver, BC, V6G 3B7
305-1320 Bute Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 2A3
120 319 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1T3
505-1250 Homer St, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2Y5
201 402 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1T6
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2665 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC, V5M 0A7
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2665 Renfrew St, Vancouver, BC, V5M 0A7
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485 425 Carrall, Vancouver, BC, V6B 6E3
Jazz music for concerts, parties, weddings and corporate events. The Yaletown String Quartet has a mission to entertain and innovate, to celebrate the music and culture of our times: Jazz, Blues, Rock and Ethnic music.
Commissioner St, Vancouver, BC, V5K
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