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Horizons Counselling Centre proudly serves Vernon, Kelowna and surrounding areas as a top quality life coach. Horizons Counselling Centre has vast experience in the life coaching industry. Hi my name is Damon Souque and I am Lucky! I am Happy and I am Successful. I have discovered how to be do or have anything you want in life. Now I am not Special I am not better than you I am not more skilled than you. The only Difference between you and I, is Knowledge and time that is all. I Work for as a Life coach after studying with my mentor millionaire Mr Walsh. I struggled with the concepts you see in order to manifest things in the physical universe you have to have a burning desire, passion or positive obsession for what you want. I had learned the skills and beliefs to achieve anything I wanted in life and what a wonderful feeling it was I was no longer stressed about money, family, relationships, health issues I was feeling great the only thing that was missing was my career. I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do and this was a problem because I knew I could succeed in anything I wanted. Finally after much frustration I realized that I loved talking about the new knowledge I had acquired and was already helping family and friends achieve success in their lives and it clicked. I knew what I had a passion for, since my mentor was a life coach and counsellor I called him up and asked for a job which I now have and am loving everyday. I work from home I am with my family I make good money and the best part of all I am helping people achieve success and happiness in their lives. You might be wondering what did I learn and that is a conversation we could talk about for years, but in a few sentences I will explain the basic concepts. You can Be, Do, or Have anything you want. Want to know how, its very simple. In order to change your life all you have to do is change your thinking. There is a law, just like the law of gravity. It is called the law of attraction this is a real law not imaginary. It is scientifically proven. This law states that like frequencies attract like frequencies. Through recent studies of Quantum String Theory it is proven that everything in the universe is a symphony of frequencies vibrating throughout everything. This is important because you are a vibrating frequency and what you are vibrating is what you are going to attract, it is a Law. So in order to change your life you have to change your frequency. So how do you change your frequency? Your frequency is determined by your beliefs. Your beliefs are stored in your cells. It is scientifically proven that cells are products of your environment watch the videos I have posted. cells are products of environment through stimulant. So a stimulant changes your cells that than changes your frequency that then changes what you get in your life! What is the stimulant? the stimulant is your environment, or the Perception of your environment. Since all information is processed through your command centre, through your brain, you have a filter between your environmental stimulus and the cells. This is your brain, or Perception. Therefore you can change your stimulus by perceiving things differently which than changes how your cells react which changes the frequency and finally changes what you get in your life through law of attraction. You can Be, Do, or Have anything you want in life by changing your perception or your thinking. Contact me for more information Essentially what I learned was how to take control of my life. I am talking about how to Be, Do, or Have anything you want. The perfect Career the perfect Relationship the perfect Car the perfect House perfect Balance in your life or anything you desire. You can Attract anything you want Friends, Lovers, Money, Happiness Anything!. I know this sound far fetched But what I have learned is Scientifically proven to work and give you results. I am also a member of The Global Information Network which is founded by Various millionaires royal family members high ranking politicians and highly successful people. For the first time in history they are revealing ancient secrets that the elite wealthy and successful have kept secret for ages. Remember my introduction I said I was lucky This is why. I Got to meet one of these people in real life and apprentice from hIm. What I have learned has changed my life forever and sent me on an adventure to the top and I am forever grateful. All of this started with a single desire and that desire was to better myself which lead to meeting Mr Walsh and learning invaluable information. So If you Think you know what you want and you are sick and tired of living a second class life Invest in yourself. Better yourself come learn from me let me pass the torch and help you achieve real happiness and success You can have anything you want in life You can be anyone you want to be And you can experience anything you want to experience All you have to do is make a promise to yourself that you will believe you are worthy of a better life and that you Deserve to be happy. I am Damon Souque I am Lucky I am Happy and I am Successful I look forward to Working with you In person, or I do Skype classes as well. Free E-Book for customers! Give us a call today!
How would your life change if you could tap into your full potential? What if you could create your life exactly the way you wanted? Today you are one step closer to a new you. I work with well-established, successful women who want more and are ready to turn up the volume on their lives with balance and fun. As a Life Coach, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life worth celebrating. Helping you make radical improvements in your life is my focus. I provide support and guidance as a life coach for transforming the issues that stand in the way of you achieving your goals. Contact me today for more information!
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