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Why Dispute Your Traffic Violations? It is important to dispute any traffic violation received in order to avoid an accumulation of charges and demerit points on your driving record. When disputing these offences, it is crucial to understand there are two aspects usually involved. 1. The charge itself (wording of the charge , ramifications of the charge) 2. Demerit points Each aspect affects you differently. Demerit points are apparent on your driving record, however, they are not used to determine your insurance premiums. An accumulation of points will affect you once reaching a certain amount of demerit points. This varies depending on the license you hold. A driver may be suspended or a mandatory meeting with the Ministry of Transportation could be set where they can determine your eligibility to drive. Furthermore, insurance companies base their rates on how many violations are apparent and the severity of the charges. Once a charge has been registered on your driving record, it remains apparent for the next three years. Contact us today for more information.


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