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15161 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC, V3R 3P2
Looking to get results & great personal service? Than you are in the right place. we have been helping clients improve their life in may ways, from Losing weight, getting stronger, building muscles, improving flexibility and creating better-bodies & Lives since 2004. We provide Personal Training, Group Fitness including our very popular Unlimited Betterbody Boot camp located in Surrey, BC. We specialize in One on One Personal Training, women's Fitness, Yoga, Stretch Therapy. Building muscle and of course the most popular losing weight. Looking to add a Health and Wellness program at your workplace or have a group of friends that want to work out together? Enquire about adding a class or program at your workplace or in-house facility.Choose from our most popular Group classes such as Betterbody Bootcamp, Fit for Life, and our very popular BODYFIT Small Group sessions. Don't forget to check out our clients before and after pictures posted on our Success Stories page.
15023 81 B Ave, Surrey, BC, V3S 7V6
Our coffee is 100% natural, South American estate-grown beans blended with herbs that provide impacting healthy benefits. Diets and weight loss systems require a long-term lifestyle change. The added cost and complexity discourages long time use. So far my close family members and friends are losing up to 7 LBS in just a couple weeks use!!! Hence dropping 25-30 LBS. in 2 months without changing anything else but their coffee!!! Burn + Control is the easiest, most effective way to lose weight. Drink it by itself or combine it with whatever diet or weight loss program you are doing to accelerate weight loss. Each serving of burn + control provides an efficacious amount of herbs to aid weight loss and fat burning. *This is why people everywhere are seeing fantastic results.* Its smooth great taste is winning over new customers in more than 20 countries worldwide.
My name is David B. I'm an Herbalife distributor who lives in Surrey, BC. I'm originally from BC. I love the flexibility and freedom that I've received from being an independent Herbalife representative. I've lost 10 pounds using Herbalife products. The products are great for helping you to lose fat and to keep it off. Plus, I have a coach who has been able to show me how to lose weight safely. If you are interested in trying a free weight loss shake, contact me for more information. My passion in life is travelling. Thanks to great Herbalife products like shake and tea, I'm able to pursue my life with true passion! I invite you to look around my website for information about how to lose weight, burn fat, and hear from other Herbalife members. We have a great free community that is working together to help our members lose weight, burn fat, and feel great.
PO Box 45103, Surrey, BC, V4A 9L1
OxyLift is a hand-held esthetic device that Firms & Tones your skin. It helps Erase Wrinkles, Puffy Eyes & Saggy Skin in Just 3 Minutes a Day! OxyLift uses high frequency technology to create collagen, the key to beautiful healthy skin. Contact us today for more information!
#102 - 15141 No 10 Hwy., Surrey, BC, V3S 9A5
15355 101A Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC, V3R 3P3
8140 128ST #342, Surrey, BC, V3W 4E9
* Lose 4-9 Inches in just 15 Min and a full clothing size in just 3 weeks (GTD) •Tighten & Tone Muscles •Lift & Firm Bust, Bum, Inner Thighs and Arms •Flatten Tummy •Lose Stubborn Fat •Eliminate Unsightly Cellulite - ALL at the same time •Treat Pain Associated with Lack of Proper Muscle Strength •Improve Metabolism, Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage Toning and Fat Loss The SINCHLOSS Toning & Fat Reduction System™ is a state of the art, easy to use Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) combined with a Heat Diathermy unit (Duo) essential for figure control, cellulite reduction and a firm shapely body. The computer controlled circuits have been programmed to give the very best results automatically. For Optimum Guaranteed Results Your SINCHLOSS machine should be used in conjunction with a sensible intake plan and moderate exercise. Tone Up – Lose Weight Tone up waist, thighs, abdomen, tummy, buttocks, bust, flabby hips etc all at the same time. The machine will exercise and strengthen lazy, weak or aching muscles. Diet If you are on a diet then the SINCHLOSS machine is essential to firm up flabby areas and limit muscle loss due to low calorie/kilojoules intake. After Child Birth Post natal exercise, a need for every woman to regain her natural figure control quickly and safely. The ‘Baby Bulge’ and love handles will begin to disappear with use of this machine – is highly recommended. Elite Athletes Many high performance and professional athletes make Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) a part of their regular training regime. Not only does it give them superior muscle strength, but when added post workout, the current: fully depletes the muscle of glycogen (stored energy) forcing their bodies to work harder at replenishing it, works lactic acid out of the muscles allowing their bodies to recover faster without pain and stiffness providing the ability to retrain sooner and more rigorously, and works like a mini massage giving them the ability to relax and rejuvenate more fully between training sessions
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Looking to buy Instantly Ageless? Get Samples of INSTANTLY AGELESS™ - A powerful anti-wrinkle microcream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible signs of aging. Instantly Ageless™ revives the skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores for a flawless finish. Click here to order in British Columbia           Click here to order in Ontario This is our Flagship product and produces incredible and lasting results.  Jeunesse is the ONLY company that can say they use Human derived stem cells in their products. Not plant based.  That's how and why only these products are able to give you these results. Click here for some amazing before and after images. The serum has been known to have great success: -Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles -Reducing / eliminating brown spots on your skin -Eliminating signs of: -Rosacea -Psoriasis -Eczema -Acne and acne scarring -Stretchmarks -and more... Each sample kit of the Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum includes 7 individual serum packets along with an informative brochure detailing this powerful skincare component of Y.E.S. Kits come sealed inside a plastic envelope. Want to Start a Business where you can make the money and have the life that you always dreamed of? And Deserve? We are looking for highly motivated, business oriented people to join our Jenunesse Jjewels Team today! If this sounds like you CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE About the Jeunesse Product Line: We call our collection of products the Youth Enhancement System, or Y.E.S. ~ it was carefully developed to combine powerful benefits into a synergistic system of skincare and supplements you won’t find elsewhere. Y.E.S. keeps you young in six vital ways: 1. REJUVENATE:  Developed by a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon, the LUMINESCE™ skincare line offers exclusive, patent-pending stem cell technology that supports your natural ability to restore and rejuvenate skin—with incredible results. 2. DIMINISH: Instantly Ageless™ is a powerful anti-wrinkle microcream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible signs of aging. Users have seen dramatic results in seconds. 3. ENHANCE: AM & PM Essentials™ contain potent vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that enhance healthy cellular function and delay premature aging. 4. DEFEND: RESERVE™ is a fortified fruit blend that combines a host of superfruits and antioxidants to defend cells from environmental damage. 5. RESTORE: Nobel Prize-winning research shows that shortened telomeres—the protective end caps of our DNA—are a fundamental cause of aging. FINITI™ contains a powerful, patented supplement shown to lengthen and restore short telomeres in humans. 6. BALANCE: Carefully formulated to balance your metabolism, ZEN BODI™ is a targeted, holistic approach to weight management. By curbing cravings, burning fat, and building muscle, ZEN BODI™ opens the path to health and restores the body’s natural mechanisms. The Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System uses DNA repair and antioxidant ingredients to improve cell performance and longevity. Our patent-pending Stem Cell Innovation helps generate new, vital skin cells in the first place. We are putting together a team of success stories and we want to share this success with you. Anyone can buy Jeunesse from us. Only people whom we're convinced have what it takes to be successful can join our Jeunesse Jjewels Team. Period. Here’s what you MUST have to join our team: -Desire to succeed -Drive -Intelligence -A great ‘can do’ attitude -Stamina / stick with-it-ness -A willingness to help others (on the team and off) We are here to teach and train you with your new network marketing career. CLICK HERE to Watch our videos on becoming a Distributor Get started making money from home right now! CLICK HERE to Book an appointment today to talk to Elayne or Tawnya Thanks for connecting with us and we would LOVE you to become part of our business team today. To Your Jeunesse $uccess, Tawnya Sutherland (British Columbia) & Elayne Whitfield (Ontario) The Jeunesse Jjewels Team
I want to tell you about a new product that I use. It's called Nutrie. It is a simple product that has no mixing of shakes. It's easy as 1, 2, 3 I am a mom of 3 kids, and always on the go. My oldest played softball for many years, and found it hard to eat a proper meal for dinner, because we were on the go. Sometimes, I would feed my kids at 3:30pm their supper because we had to be a the ball park by 5 pm, and eating fast food all the time wasn't for me. By eating early, I would find myself snacking when we got home. Which doesn't help with me trying to lose weight. So I started to look at products that were easy to use, without having to go to the gym, count points, or keep a tally on my calorie intake. It was hard at first, because I do like going and enjoying a meal out. I do love my hamburgers, but with this new product, I am still able to enjoy my favorite foods. For the last 2 years I would drive my 2 youngest to their schools, and found that in the morning was also a rush so I would be at the local Mcdonald's having my egg mcmuffin and coffee because I didn't have time for a breakfast, but again with this new product, I can drink my shake that is pre made, on the way to driving the first one to school, and by the time I would drop the youngest off, I've had my breakfast, and no need to stop at the local Mcdonalds's. This new program is great in many ways, and the one thing that you won't find with others is the Automatic Body App. This app will help you lose weight, by giving you tips throughout the day to help you reach your goal. Question, do you drink 8 glasses of water a day? This app will help you remember. Here is a little bit of info of this new program called Nutrie: No More Bootcamps, No More Tasteless Meals and No More Diet Re-Lapse with Automatic Body Automatic Body challenges the status quo. We know that quick-fix programs are scientifically proven to fail. In fact, 80% fail within two years or less. That's why we don't endorse them. That's why we created something completely different. We believe that science and lifestyle should live harmoniously together. What separates us from our competition is the revolutionary Automatic Body system. You will become healthier and happier by doing only one, barely noticeable, change per week. The change is so subtle; in fact, that it feels like it is happening "automatically". Forget the fad workouts or the exotic cleanses that force you to overhaul your whole life. No more crash diets you can't sustain or bizarre machines that fill your living room. No more giving up the foods you love and living like a monk. Just one simple change with Automatic Body per week that celebrities and pro athletes have known about for years.
Proudly serving British Columbia, Surrey, BC
What is the CHALLENGE? #1 Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge in NORTH AMERICA Every Challenge is individual. Nothing complicated, just your own personal health goal. Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier, bulk up or train for a marathon -- the Body by Vi Challenge has the perfect Challenge kit to fit any lifestyle goal. The Challenge is built upon nutrition that helps your body burn fat, support lean muscle, boost metabolism and control hunger. With 5 different kits to choose from, achieving success is simple! The scientifically formulated shake provides you with a tri-sorb protein (for better absorption), a full serving of fiber, calcium and 23 vitamins and minerals. Plus it has prebiotics that help support your body's natural detox process and digestive enzymes to help you absorb more nutrition. This 90 Day Challenge has already helped people lose millions of pounds! Every 20 seconds somebody joins the Body By Vi Challenge! The Body by Vi™ Challenge was created by ViSalus Sciences®, the company behind one of the fastest growing health movements in the world. ViSalus is challenging the world to set a personal goal and make health a priority for at least 90 days, while awarding the participants with over $25, 000, 000 a year in free product, prizes and vacations. Body by Vi was even featured on the latest cover story of Success From Home Magazine, and mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. The Challenge is truly for Everybody and Every Body. ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?
Mission... Giving you the best chance to succeed with your personal health goals, one small change at a time. We challenge the status quo... No More Boot-camps, No More Tasteless Meals, No More Diet Re-Lapse We know that quick-fix programs are scientifically proven to fail. In fact, 80% fail within two years or less. That's why we don't endorse them. That's why we created something completely different. What separates us from our competition is our revolutionary system. You will become healthier and happier by doing only one, barely noticeable, change per week. The change is so subtle, in fact that it feels like it is happening "automatically". Just one simple "secret" change per week that Celebrities and Pro Athletes have known about for years. Our AutomaticBody™ phone app will tell you what new "thing" to do each week. It even reminds you when to do it during the day. You just follow the system. Every video is hosted by Kim Lyons, America's top health and fitness expert and celebrity trainer from The Biggest Loser and Dr. Phil's Weight-Loss Challenge. You are being coached by the best of the best. So how does it work?.. It's simple. The AutomaticBody™ phone app and system are free when you become a Preferred Customer, or place a qualifying product order with one of our Brand Partners. Our strategy here was simple: We figured it made more sense for you to spend money on something that would increase your results rather than having you spend money on the system itself. Smart huh? So… 1) You set a goal. 2) You choose the product pack that works for you. 3) You get instant access to AutomaticBody™. Be the best you can be. Be Automatic.
HAVE YOU TRIED THAT CRAZY WRAP THING? The It Works Wrap! Tighten, Tone & Firm Any Area of Your Body. The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming. It is NOT a water loss wrap. In fact, it’s very important to drink lots of water during your wrap session. Whatever you want to call it, the Skinny Wrap, that Crazy Wrap thing, or the Ultimate Body Applicator…it is the world’s first to market contouring wrap that will help you change your problem areas. Whether it’s needing tighter skin or firming loose skin, the wrap can help! It even helps to reduce stretch marks and cellulite. You can apply this wrap anywhere on your body, thighs, stomach, arms, back or love handles.
Ready to live your best life? Want to feel healthier for more than just 90 days? Would an extra $500+ a month make you feel like you had some breathing room for retirement or take the financial strain off your marriage? If you're like me, you may be feeling like you're capable of contributing so much more than just folding laundry, driving kids to activities and making lunches. I am fighting for the freedom of having a full-time FAMILY, not a full-time J.O.B. - and I'm having the time of my life doing it! Contact me today! (888) 881-4076
How would you like to find the formula that could Evolv your life? Find out what the answer is for simple health and simple wealth. If you have questions about Evolv, support, our products or entrepreneurial opportunities, please email and our team will answer promptly
Are you tired of the rollercoaster? You Know lose a few pounds then without knowing, the weight would creep back on - constantly up, down, up down. Even though I thought I had a pretty good diet & lifestyle – This was SO ME!! Tired, frustrated and so ready to get OFF THE ROLLERCOASTER!! Two years ago I discovered a solution. Give your body the proper nutrition and it WILL amaze you!! When I started I weighed 154 pounds and wore a size 8. After 14 weeks, I was 27 pounds and 6 sizes down. Yes I’m a size 2 now and loving it!! More importantly, I have more energy and feel AMAZING!! Did I mention I’ve kept it off for over 1-1/2 years now. You CAN do this too! Come on its time for you to get OFF THE ROLLERCOASTER. Activate yourself now and I can show you how. Nutrié's mission is to bring nutrition, simplicity, and opportunity into the lives of busy people. But what does that mean? It means knowing life is busy which is why we design products that you can truly take anywhere - in the car, at your desk, or in-between meetings. These products all target weight management and energy levels by using quality ingredients. Plus, there's absolutely no mixing, blending, powders or pills... just convenient, tasty beverages that help you to perform, look and feel your best! We offer this same simple approach with our Automatic Body program. As we all know, quick fix programs and fad diets don't work. But what if you could find health by making just one small change every week? Through Automatic Body's innovative app notification system, you will receive one small change for you to make every week, as well as scheduled reminders for product consumption. In addition to the smart app, you will have access to live coaching webinars hosted by Kim Lyons, and an exclusive online community to support you along the way! It's simple. It's easy. It's one small change.
Gourmet Coffee Blends Our coffee is 100% natural, South American estate-grown beans blended with herbs that provide impacting healthy benefits. Its' smooth great taste is winning over new customers in more than 20 countries worldwide.
The foundation of Vemma’s success lies firmly in the results achieved from our clinically studied, single formula product line. At the company’s core is our mission to help others by enhancing their well-being, and secondly, by offering an income stream to people who introduce others to a product line they believe in. Behind this movement is the creative vision of Vemma Founder and CEO, BK Boreyko, who is passionate about helping people live the life they deserve. “Considering that the number-one reason for personal bankruptcy is illness, and the number-one reason for divorce is financial difficulties, the need Vemma can fill is incredibly important. It’s really hard to feel like you’re living the life you deserve when you’re sick or unhappy. Vemma has a two-part formula for success that resonates with people in 50 countries around the world. The first part is enhanced health through supplementation, and Vemma delivers the results people are looking for, guaranteed. The second part is the sharing of Vemma products. I devote my advertising dollars, literally millions of dollars every month, to the people who choose to champion our mission and promote the Vemma brand. The real power of our success lies in the simplicity of our business model, ” says BK. A seasoned marketing executive and award-winning entrepreneur, BK has successfully built two health and wellness companies with total revenues exceeding $1.5 billion. Vemma, the newest and most exciting venture, combines the extensive knowledge of the chief scientist, Yibing Wang, M.D., Ph.D., with its talented executive management team including more than eight decades of cumulative experience in the network marketing industry. Vemma is transforming lives through ultra-premium products, a strong, charitable commitment and a generous compensation plan. It can help you become healthier and happier. If you have a heart for helping people, it may just be the right opportunity for you.
19571 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC, V3S 6K7
211-15252 32 Ave, Surrey, BC, V3S 0R7
7178 120 St, Surrey, BC, V3W 3M8
105-13630 72 Ave, Surrey, BC, V3W 2P3
101A-15355 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC, V3R 3P3
#202-9278 120 STREET 92 A AVE, Surrey, BC, V3V 4B8
2288 139a St, Surrey, BC, V4A 9V4
204-9200 120 St, Surrey, BC, V3V 4B7
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