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FIRST/SECOND MORTGAGE FOR ANYONE. INSTANT APPROVAL 48 HOUR PAYOUTS 1-866-573-3122 speak to a live agent within 30 seconds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. FIRST, SECOND THIRD MORTGAGE'S AND MORTGAGE REFINANCE. We make it possible for you to apply for your mortgage with multiple mortgage sources. Bank mortgage loans, Private Capital Mortgage loans, Finance Company Mortgage loans. We talk to hundreds of consumers like you trying to find the best mortgage solution for them. We hear the same story the bank turned their mortgage application down, or refused their mortgage refinance application. This does not mean you will not be able to get a mortgage. No matter what your financial situation, we can find mortgage financing for you. The banks will not tell you about Finance Company's offering Mortgage Solutions, They will not tell you how to find the private mortgage lenders. If you own your home and have equity, we can get you your mortgage financing period. Your financial situation may have changed and now the banks are refusing to refinance your mortgage, or you might have fallen a few payments behind and now they want to take your home and all the mortgage equity you built up with it! Do not give up! Do not let the banks take your home and steal your hard earned mortgage equity! We can get you financing in as little as 48 hours from a private mortgage lender. What the banks are banking on is for you to let them foreclose your mortgage, now all your hard earned mortgage equity is theirs! Again, I can't stress enough if you own your home and have mortgage equity, we can get you mortgage financing. Yes even if you don't have a job, and yes even if you have "bad" credit or no credit. It's happening to thousands of Canadians every month don't be the next victim of the "financial crisis". What you need to decide now is which of these three mortgage options to get you back on your feet and in good standing with the bank works best for you. MORTGAGE EQUITY LOAN: Equity loans are based on the mortgage equity in your house, for example you purchased the home for $200, 000 therefore your mortgage rate and payments are based on you owing $200, 000. Between the time you purchased the house and got your initial mortgage for $200000 the value of the home has increased to $250 000. Also you have paid down the original mortgage so you now owe $150000. This means you have $100000 in home equity. A mortgage equity loan is based on this amount, in most cases upto 80% of the mortgage equity in your home can be borrowed upon. This method is the fastest way to get the money you need to pay the money owing to the bank to pay your credit card bills and any other bills that need to be returned to good standing or paid off completely.You can also use this money to renovate your home, by doing so you are creating more equity a $15000 renovation can often result in a $50000 increase in mortgage equity. These mortgage equity loans are meant to be short term you are going to use the money to get yourself back on your feet, repair your credit and get rid of all the high interest payments you where previously making (credit cards, car loans, lines of credit ...). Now that your financial situation has improved as well your credit has improved and you no longer have to make payments to those credit cards, car loans ... You are ready to mortgage refinance. We will walk you through every step of the way, please don't hesitate to contact us even if you are just needing financial advice we will gladly help you free of charge because we know when you do need a mortgage, mortgage refinance or mortgage equity loan you will come to us to guide you through the process. MORTGAGE REFINANCE: A Mortgage refinance is like a mortgage equity loan however you are paying off your original mortgage and getting a new mortgage. (Mortgage rates are at record lows now is the best time to explore your mortgage refinance options, if you are in good standing with your bank make an appointment and see what they are willing to offer. You can always check all your bases and take the best offer for you. Get their mortgage offer in writing and contact us, we will do our best to find you a better offer if we can't then all you have to do is take that paper back to your bank and your ready to refinance your mortgage) The best part about mortgage refinancing now is that you will be able to take advantage of the record low mortgage interest rates that can be locked in upto 10 years and in some cases longer. Chances are when you got your mortgage the interest rates were higher, therefore just by mortgage refinancing your payment will be reduced. For example you purchased your home for $200000 mortgage at a 5% interest rate your payment is based not only on the 5% interest rate but also on the $200000 initial mortgage amount. Now you have paid down your mortgage you only owe $150000 and the value of your property has increased to $250000. You now have $100000 in mortgage equity $80000 of it you can access and pay off all your high interest payments and loans (car loans, credit cards, lines of credit...) Because the mortgage interest rate today is much lower than when you originally financed your house and got your first mortgage you can pay off all your other high interest payments and still your mortgage payment will be less then it was before you mortgage refinanced. Lets say you refinanced for $200000 this means you received $50000 to pay off all your other bills or renovate. Because mortgage interest rates today are so much lower your initial mortgage of $200000 at 5% interest is replaced with a mortgage of $200000 with a 2.5% interest rate. Just to make it simple this means if your mortgage payment was $3000/month its now only $1500/month. Now not only have you paid off all your other bills no more car payment, credit cards etc Your mortgage payment is reduced by $1500 aswell and you still have $50000 in equity (more if you spent some of the $50000 you received to renovate) you can tap later if you really needed to. Just to make it simple before the mortgage refinance you where paying $3000 for your mortgage, $600 for your car payments, $500 for your credit cards and another $500 for lines of credits. Your total monthly payments before your mortgage refinance $4600, Your total payments now $1500. Image what you could do for your family if you suddenly had $3100 extra every month and being free of debt. I used to work for the banks I know how they think, they are modern day legal criminals. They don't want you to pay off your debts they want to give you more high interest credit cards and loans so you can forever be in their debt. While I'm not saying all credit is wrong and that we should throw away all our credit cards, I'm saying let's be smart about our money cause you know they are. If you ask your financial adviser how do I become prosperous, he will advise you to save money in his bank with some mutual fund or another. While again these are great tools to gather wealth, they are not going to save you $3100 a month. Instead you will now be giving the bank what little money it isn't already taking from you with your mortgage and losing money every month when you count inflation.Please if you are in a situation where you need some help and advice contact me I will give you my unbiased view of what your mortgage options are for your particular situation. If the banks won't give you a mortgage contact me. If the banks are refusing to let you mortgage refinance to lower rates contact me. If the bank is refusing to renew your mortgage because you fell into some financial difficulty contact me. You are not alone you do not need to lose your home other mortgage lenders are out there, we can get you mortgage financing based on the equity in your home to get you back on track. I am sick and tired of hearing stories or people losing their homes because the banks won't renew their mortgage because now that you have fallen into financial difficulty you suddenly don't qualify, they are trying to steal your equity. You paid your mortgage when you were not in this situation you built up that equity, in most of Canada not only have you built equity by paying your mortgage down you have also gained mortgage equity because housing prices have been going up consistently for years. Remember there are other mortgage lenders out their we can get you the money you need to get back on your feet, to renovate your house and build more home equity to renovate your house so you have legal income suites that pay your mortgage for you. Mortgage rates are at record lows by not refinancing and locking in a lower rate even if you are in a good financial position is going to cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. Like my mother tells me everytime I'm down you just got to take it one day at a time. Give me a call if you have mortgage equity in your house I will get it out for you. Remember you are not alone, everyone falls into hardship at one point or another in your life. The one thing you cant do is nothing, I give you my word if their is a way to get you the money you need I will find it. If I can't get you financing no one will.
When it comes to your mortgage, it is important to make sure you get the home you really want, with flexible financing solutions that are right for you. This is where I come in. I’m here to help you get the mortgage you need to suit your lifestyle and to make your home ownership goals happen. Supported by the considerable resources and expertise of RBC Royal Bank®, I will provide you expert advice and service for your home financing needs. I can help you understand the economic environment and ensure your financing suits your current situation and your future plans. You’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing you are working with a professional who has only your best interests in mind. If you are looking to make informed mortgage decisions, contact me today and I will be in touch with you within 24 hours.
1145 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 5P2
Whether you are a first time home buyer, new immigrant, in business for self, or simply looking to re-finance your home equity, Our Mortgage Specialists will facilitate your needs. We offer expert, unbiased advice so you can feel confident you're getting the best available rate and features. We have access to a multitude of lenders across Canada.
201-2065 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1N3
1066 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC, v6e 3x2
155 Water Street Suite 1, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1A7
101-1965 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1M7
Ronin Mortgage brokers are top Vancouver BC mortgage brokers who shop the banks for you to get the best mortgage rates. Many Canadian home buyers end up paying too much on their mortgage because they didn’t have the time to sort through the maze of options and features available in today’s mortgage marketplace. If you live in Vancouver, BC and are looking for a mortgage, let the mortgage brokers at Ronin Mortgage do the work for you and take advantage of our expert knowledge to make an informed mortgage choice and obtain the best Vancouver mortgage rates. We look forward to hearing from you!
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1100-1200 West 73rd Street, Vancouver, BC, V6P 6G5
555-701 West Georgia St., Vancouver, BC, V7Y 1E4
Welcome to Michael Sjerven-Mortgage Broker Vancouver, which is your one-stop shop for all mortgage needs across British Columbia and Canada. There is a lot of confusion about mortgages these days and it's our mission to help educate borrowers and dispel myths. Considering that obtaining a mortgage will likely be one of the largest financial transactions in your lifetime, it's well worth the investment of your time to understand the process and available options. Whether you're looking at buying a home, thinking of a refinance or your existing mortgage term is up for renewal, let us do the work for you. We secure mortgages electronically in all Canadian provinces, with a focus on British Columbia. Though Michael is available for appointments in a downtown Vancouver office, many transactions are performed over the phone/Internet for your convenience. If you live out of town we will take care of all your details seamlessly.
410 119 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1S5
105-1385 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6H 3V9
#104-13049 76th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V3W 2V7
3-1311 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2P3
EQUIMAC MORTGAGE CENTRE and offer Canadian discount mortgage rate shoppers instant access to the absolute lowest mortgage rates in Canada.
155 Water Street Suite 1, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1A7
2564E Hastings St E, Vancouver, BC, V5K 1Z3
1385 West 8th Avenue Unit 105, Vancouver, BC, V6H 3V9
Suite 200 4170 Stillcreek Dr Burnaby, Vancouver, BC, V5C 6C6
1854 1st Avenue W. Suite 4, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1G5
As a mortgage broker with Centum Mortgage Specialists, I have great lender relationships for all types of mortgage products. Maybe you are self-employed, retired, have bad credit, bad relationship with the bank, are new to Canada, facing foreclosure, or even emerging from bankruptcy. Some people might be up for renewal, but are planning to sell soon, so an interest-only solution can alleviate monthly payments until you sell. Are you expecting inheritance, and would rather have an open mortgage with no early-payment penalty? Perhaps you are not planning to make many early prepayments, so a rock-bottom rate could be for you. I will analyze your needs and wants, and discuss both your current circumstances and your expected future state of affairs, in order to help you better plan out your next mortgage financing. Mortgage Renewals. Mortgage Refinancing. New Home Purchases. Home Equity Line of Credit. Residential Mortgages. Commercial Mortgages. Construction Loans. Investment Loans. Bad Credit Mortgages. Debt Consolidation. Credit Consultation.
105-1385 west 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6H 3V9
Smart consumers shop around, and when you work with a Mortgage Group mortgage planner, the advantage is yours! Our licensed professionals negotiate with several different banks on your behalf to make sure you get the best deal possible. Best of all, our help is almost always free of charge. We save you time, stress, and most importantly... we save you money. Call now for a friendly consultation. complimentary mortgage consultation, 1st, 2nd or third mortgage arrangement, re-financing, First time home buyers, we are mobile and can come to you!
Unit 6 8590-200 Street, Vancouver, BC, V2Y 2B9
999 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC, V6C 3E2
666 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC, V6C 2X8
11-650 Georgia St W, Vancouver, BC, V6B 4N7
437 Robson St, Vancouver, BC, V6B 6L9
1830 5th Ave W, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1P3
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