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Co-Op Taxi

1654 Angus St
Regina, SK
S4T 1Z2

Phone: 306-525-2727

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airport service to & "exclusive" passenger service from the Regina airport, 24 hour service, gift certificates available, transportation consultant, Saskatchewan safety council certified drivers; Flat Rates on out of Town Trips;
American Express; en Route;
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User Reviews
's review of Co-Op Taxi
Featured Review
I just observed unlawful and dangerous driving by van #43. No signals when changing lanes in busy traffic AND made a right hand turn onto Dewdney from the third lane from the corner (he/she crossed in front of two cars)!
57 days ago (July 6th, 2015, 7:59 PM)
's review of Co-Op Taxi
Thhe Girls who answer the phone are very polite! But there a guy there who answers the phone almost everymorning who seem like someone who didn't even went to school. He has no manners at all. Everytime he picks up the phone he sounds like he absolutely hate his job and he even hangs up even when your not done talking yet! After he gets ur adress he'll hang up! I'm in the middle of my Thank~~ and he's gone. HE IS SO RUDE ! today really pissed me off ! I call back to follow up my taxi that I have been waiting for almost 1 hour now coz I probably missed it or something but he went to answer me this way while yelling! "WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE CAR ARRIVE?" and I'm like "oh sorry ~~" but he cut me off and went like "WERE NOT WASTING OUR TIME HERE, GO CALL ANOTHER COMPANY" and slammed the phone!! that was just really rude !!
634 days ago (December 6th, 2013, 11:22 AM)