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Ojas Holistic Health Center

36 Sprucelands Avenue
Brampton, ON
L6R 1M7

Phone: 416-455-6527

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English, Punjabi
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Very helpful and professional doctor, I would recommend her as a homeopath. She helped with my chronic arthritis and diabetes.
1284 days ago (October 22nd, 2013, 8:53 PM)
Renu Gosal is a very professional, helpful homeopathic doctor. I have had severe migraines and issues with hormonal imbalances and after taking homeopathic medicines I feel a lot better. Dr. Gosal is very helpful and provided me with a lot of information regarding my health issues so that I could better understand what was happening in my body.
1431 days ago (May 28th, 2013, 10:38 AM)
I would also like to state that I have no affiliation with Be Yoga Studios any longer. They are a great business and I respect them for helping me out when I first started business in Burlington.Lastly, I am very grateful to all my clients for their understanding and patience in the matter. I realize it hasn't been easy but for the most part all of you have been excellent and helped me in dealing with all of this in the best way I could. Thank you!!
1437 days ago (May 22nd, 2013, 2:31 PM)
This is Renu Gosal and I would like to take this opportunity to respond to some of the reviews that have been posted here. First and for most, I am not a thief and I have been processing refunds for all clients that paid me directly for laser hair removal services. I did try to find a replacement for myself and this did not work out at which point refunds started being processed. All refunds will be completed within the next few weeks as they are being done in order of purchase.
For clients who purchased vouchers from WagJag or DealFind, they have been notified of the situation and the reason I am unable to honour the vouchers (due to my pregnancy). Ms. J. Fernandes is a DealFind voucher holder and I did not take $800 from her. She has gotten a refund from DealFind as her vouchers have been cancelled with me. I did not lie to her or any of the other people who have made comments here. They were all told of my pregnancy, my efforts to find a replacement and the processing of refunds.
1437 days ago (May 22nd, 2013, 2:21 PM)
I have been seeing Renu Gosal for Homeopathic treatments for the past year or so. She has helped me with various acute and chronic health conditions. She is very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and respectful. I also started laser hair removal treatments with Renu back in September of last year. She did cancel our appointments set up in February of this year as a result of her pregnancy. She advised me she would try to find a replacement and when that did not work out she advised me that a refund for the laser hair removal treatments not conducted would be made. I just received my cheque for the refund in the mail about two weeks ago.
I don't believe that Renu would keep anyone's money. If anything she has always helped me in providing options for payments at later dates for the services that she's provided me.
I continue to see Renu for my health conditions and recommend her as a Homeopath. She is a very sweet and caring person.
1438 days ago (May 21st, 2013, 7:57 PM)
HORRIBLE BUSINESS PERSON! PLEASE READ IF YOU'RE CONSIDERING HER. Should not have her designation to be a doctor. She's very immature and does not take her job and responsibility to her clients seriously. Do NOT do business with her. I'm not a hateful person and was very patient with her, but she was beyond a dissappointment. I don't write reviews but I wanted to warn people so they don't get tricked like i did. I spent over $800 for laser hair removal treatments for 1 year of treatments for myself and my mother. After the first treatment she started ignoring my calls to book the next appointment and did not get back to me until over 2 months later THROUGH EMAIL. No professionalism or decency to call back. According to the reviews, she was telling people she was pregnant, but her LIE to me 2 months later was that she is looking for an employee to keep up with all of the laser appointments, and than she ignored my calls for another month, and emailed me saying she can't do it. No apology, NOTHING!
1443 days ago (May 16th, 2013, 5:53 PM)
I would just like to clarify we do not have any affiliation or association with Renu Gosal.Thank you!
Be Yoga & Wellness
1446 days ago (May 13th, 2013, 3:33 PM)
I too have a problem with Renu Gosal. she took my money and after afew treatments at her mother basement she send me a text that she is pregnant and no longer give me service and send me and other clints to another lady to have laser her name is Deepa Kalre @ 170 sandalwood pkwy. when I went to see her, Deepa said sorry you need to pay me to get treatments Renu Gosal did NOT give me a dime to treat her clients!!! basicaly she is a thef and dishonest!! and she calls her self a doctor!! so I am planning to go to her new office in Burlington to talk to her infront of her client about her lies...Pethatic thef - what could you gain from STOLEN money!! I hope you chocke on every penny you stole from me!
1466 days ago (April 23rd, 2013, 3:00 PM)
1507 days ago (March 13th, 2013, 1:16 PM)