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103 5720 Macleod Trail South West, Calgary, AB, T2H 0J6
We are a multidisciplinary holistic wellness center that offers spiritual and alternative health services, treatments and wellness products to the city of Calgary and surrounding area. Our focus is to teach our clientele the importance of self healing within the mind, body and soul, through the use of spiritually based products and services that promote personal life transformations. At The Metaphysical Center Transformational Arts of Spiritual Healing we offer: - Mediumship -Psychic Readings -Tarot Card Readings - Angel Readings - Aura/Chakra Imaging - Crystal Healing Sessions -Reiki -Reflexology - Past Life Regression Therapy - Rain Drop Therapy -Chakra Cleanse and Balance - Spiritual Counselling - Ionic Detox Foot Bath Treatments - Metaphysical products and merchandise
Proudly serving Calgary and surrounding area
Optimum physical, mental and emotional health Although this is a condition towards which we are always striving through nutrition, exercise, rest and having fun, Bio-Energy Healing will help you get closer to your goal. Your body has many systems of which you are probably aware, such as the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, musculo-skeletal, immune and nervous system. What you may not realize is that it also has an energy system. Every cell, every atom, every subatomic particle in your body communicates energetically, and the result is a system of energy channels or meridians. This energy system is known by different terms - chi, prana, life-force and the "subtle body". Yet subtle does not mean weak. Although largely unmeasurable, science is beginning to acknowledge that the energy system actually directs and forms our physical framework. When the energy system is out of balance the result is pain, illness or dysfunction. Bio-Energy Healing works with the body's electromagnetic field to clear out blockages in the flow of energy, thus allowing the body to return to optimum health. Bio-Energy Healing can alleviate chronic or long-term pain that time and other forms of treatment have not been able to resolve, stress and anxiety, low energy or chronic fatigue. I have had great results treating back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and radiating leg pain. Contact me to find out more.
­, Calgary, AB, T2W 4R5
Give your body the chance it needs to heal itself! Are you dealing with a health condition such as carpel tunnel, MS, depression, fibromyalgia, IBS, asthma, panic attacks, cancer, muscle aches or pains, and so forth? Do you have a child struggling in school or has been diagnosed with a behavior code? The list of conditions that can be successfully treated is endless. Do you have a condition that the medical field just doesn't seem to be able to help with? Maybe you are struggling with a condition that is causing you a lot of pain, grief, or blocking you from accomplishing your goals. Sure the medical field can load you up with medication, but is it helping to heal the condition or just mask the symptoms? You need to get to the underlying cause of the health condition in order for your body to start a healing process and return to optimal wellness. CLICK HERE to VISIT our WEBSITE It has been shown that your body and body energy is impacted by all the emotions that we feel on a daily basis. Our bodies take this emotional energy, good or bad, and stores it in your body where it is harbored until it is released. In the meantime your body is filling up with these stored emotions like a suitcase about to burst, potentially creating all sorts of ill health and dis-ease. Your body often also takes these emotions that have been created and stores them around your heart, creating a heart wall. The body does this to protect you from being hurt even more then you have been, but by doing this, it hampers your ability to be able to feel love, feel compassion, all the awesome emotions that one should be able to feel in life. A heart wall can also be the root of health challenges for you, but thankfully I am here to help. I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I can access your bodies inner energy, locate and safely release buried emotions that may be causing a lot of your health problems. the method is non-invasive, fast, accurate and effects are often felt immediately. Please read my testimonials below to hear the stories of just a sampling of my many happy clients. Many clients have stated that they have felt the emotion leave the body energy and have felt a hundred pounds lighter after the session. Often I am asked, "How many sessions will I need?" Unfortunately there is no one correct answer to this question, as it is different for each person depending on how many stored emotions need to be released to achieve your goal. Emotions can also be passed down from your ancestral lineage, and passed on to your children from you. When I clear emotions I have the ability to clear them from generations past, and sever the ties so that your emotional baggage does not hinder the health of your descendants. In addition to the amazing healing properties of The Emotion Code, I also utilize The Body Code. Combined you have two of the most advanced healing modalities around today. No other healing system can access and release the buried emotions, at the root of your concerns like The Emotion Code and The Body Code can. You owe it to yourself and your health! The Emotion Code healing work is not only limited to adults. Animals, pets and children all respond quickly and positively to the release of buried emotions. You can find testimonials of my work with these groups below. Many great stories have resulted from the release of emotions that have been stored by your favorite pet and friend, right from your pet cat to your favorite riding friend, your horse. If you have a pet of any sort that just can't seem to recover from an illness, and or it's behavior becomes, out of sorts, then it is a good possibility that your pet has stored emotions that are causing the issue. Removing these emotions could be just " what the doctor ordered ", Sessions are very convenient as I have the ability to access this inner energy from any where in the world, it does not matter where you might be located. Energy knows no bounds. I do sessions in person, over the phone, or over Skype. For babies and children some find it is best to wait until they are asleep and then the care-giver acts as a surrogate and I act as the proxy. In just a little bit of your time your emotions can be released and you can start your body back on it's healing journey. Cost for Emotional release sessions are as follows. 1 Hour session - $125.00 Half Hour session - $75.00 Please don't let the cost of the sessions scare you off, a whole lot of releasing can be done in such a short time. You are worth it, Your body is worth it, and Your health is worth it....Your peace of mind is worth it, I am also an energy healer, Certified Usui Reiki and Siechim Master, an Angel card reader trained through Angels Teach University, a Certified Rain Drop Practitioner, trained by Gary Young. and supply and use Young Living essential oils and supplements. I work with pendulums and muscle testing through your body energy with help from my Angelic Guides and or yours, or whom ever wishes to help the session proceed as long as they are of Gods light and love, and can channel when necessary. You may wish to view my main website which gives much more detailed information about myself, The Emotion Code and my other training, You may wish to view my Young Living Essential Oils website - Or you may wish to visit my mobile site and web site with 411, at If you would like more information regarding this or would like to book a session to see if it may help with your struggle , you can contact me today! Ask for Miles, and have an awesome day. Namaste.
#2 1145 Kensington Crescent, Calgary, AB, T2R 1X7
We are a mineral and crystal store, that focuses on the teaching of healing via minerals, gems and crystals. If you are new and eager to learn come by! We will try our best to help you understand the world of minerals which is the same world you've always been walking on! We do it because we believe in change. We believe that we can help our community and radiate all that we can from that point source! We help the community by teaching and helping the homeless youth. We are working towards creating employment by allowing for youth and anyone to come and demonstrate their arts and how they can earn a living through it. Helping us helps the community and keeps us under business.
AT Clients Own Comfort Home-Time in Calgary ab, Calgary, AB, T2W 3L1
Calgary Therapies and Healing@ Clients Own comfort Home-Time. Hassle FREE Life! This is already given Healing Therapy by Susan. Thank you for viewing my ad & hopefully my website. I feel fortunate to work with people who are willing to work for their Lives and who they really are in order to help themselves grow. Through the process of self-recognition and enthusiasm we will come closer to being our authentic selves. My Tools, Healing journey- hands on Therapies, 40 years researcher in to Mind, Body, Spirit, 21 years’ Experience in families and children, Healing Energy and Healing Hand is great characterize by a respectful, collaborative approach 101 @ your comfortable home space that bring emphasis on your personal strengths. I value human and life, thus you will find me closer and personal to yourself which helps you gain trust to address the issues that you are struggling with. My mission is to Heal, Guide, Teach and Coach others on our shared journey to wholeness. It is far too easy in current life and reality to get bogged down with many Health condition causes by stresses, anxieties, depression, low self-esteem, weight issues, chemicals, family and relationship circumstances that interfere with our living well. I have passion for life and Greater interest in those who also enjoy the simplicity of being, happiness, peace, being Healthy & whole. I am proud helping human move forward to a place of Higher-self & well-being. There are a variety of Healing Techniques, Methods, Therapies, Therapeutic and Healing Hand along with talk therapy that will be helpful for you. Finances • Av Cost (per session- 70 minutes) $120 • Accepted Payment Methods: Check, Cash, E deposit, Options Client Focus Age-IPP (Individual Program Plan) • Children, Adolescents / Teenagers (5years to 19) • Adults • Elders Categories • General Health issues Clients • Cancer patient Clients • Students- learn Healing Power Clients • Life Coach Clients, IPP • Grief Client • Spirit Connector (Different over being Medium)Client • Spirit Connector for Pets(Grief closure) • Meditation Clients • Explore Human Body-Mind-Spirit(Lessons) Client • Yoga(Greater Figure)Client • Muscle Stretch(Lean relaxed body) Client • Sport injuries Therapies Client • General Pain management Client • Weight management Client • Depression, anxiety, anosmia Client • Spiritual Growth(Believing in Greater Power) Client • Healing Hand Client • Healing Skin and Hair Client • Therapeutic Healing Client • Exercise, Diet, Nature therapies Client • Family Therapies(one full package) Client • Love & Relationship Therapies Client • Career, School, Business, Goal, Self- confident Therapies • Victim of Bully, Self-esteem, Trauma, Physiological Healing • HAD, ADD Healing Therapies • Pet Therapies Client • Cleansing-Purifying Home-Work-Environment Client • Cleansing –Purifying body Client • Healing Bracelet and Healing Collar Client • Daily Energy Healing Client Treatment Approach • Coaching-Guiding • Lessons-Teaching • Tools, Techniques & Methods-Therapies • Healing Therapeutic • Earth & Nature Therapies • Diet Therapies • Natural Food Healing Therapies • Exercise & Stretch Therapies • Cognitive Behavioral Assessment Therapies (CBET) • Emotion Therapies (ET) • Focused Therapies (FT) • 4P Therapies(Principle, Process, Peace, Perfect) • Human Body-Mind Lessons-Therapies • Yoga and Meditation Therapies • Healing Hand Therapies • Healing Skin & Hair Therapies • Spirit Connector Guide(Grief Closure) • Higher- Power, Higher- Self Therapies • Higher- Conscious Mind, Intuitive Therapies • Interpersonal Therapies • Psychological Healing Therapies • Healing Bracelet(attachment) Therapies • Healing Collar(Pets) Therapies • Solution- Findings(SF) Modality 101 @ Client home based on: • Individual • Family • Couples • Orientation First Class • Fiends(group) • Pets Healing Therapies are not 'alternative' New to Medicine. They are in fact very pro and thus respectful Medicine and its great service to society.
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