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5 Steps for Building Customer Relationships on Social Media


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Social media is an essential tool for business. Posting online and having an active brand gives your business more than just new customers. It’ll help you gain a following of advocates and will allow you to market your products, services and your overall brand. Social media is a perfect place to maintain relationships with customers and build new ones. 

Here are 5 steps on how to create and nurture these relationships:

1. Create engaging content

Creating engaging content gives people a reason to come to your page. People engage with your brand and look forward to new content and it’s beneficial for your overall SEO. Create a social media schedule to keep your posting consistent. You can even take advantage of our social media management tool to help you schedule out content among various channels at once or opt for our Do It For Me Social Posting service to save tons of time and get high-quality posts. 


2. Build a following

Keep up with your social posting to start building traffic toward your page. The more relevant your content is, the more people will engage. In order to keep your following, you need to be authentic. Be authentic in your posts and your acquisition of new followers. Having quality followers on social gives your business more credibility. Write genuine comments on blogs and posts you find interesting to engage with new users. Responding to something you liked puts you in a better position to create an authentic pitch leading to a relationship with a new customer.

3. Respond to questions and reviews

Responding to reviews and comments on social brings a presence to your brand and your business becomes more personable. People are more willing to give your business a chance when they have open communication. Engage in a two way conversation with customers so they become familiar with your brand and choose you down the road. 

4. Nurture the relationship

You must nurture the relationship to keep your following up. Show your followers you care by staying consistent in your post and customer interactions.  Be authentic and keep them in the conversation. People are going to purchase more from a company they trust. 

5. Turn customers into brand advocates

You can turn your most loyal customers into brand advocates by simply providing them great customer service and a positive experience. When you have happy customers, you don’t have to convince everyone about your brand, you just have to find a few people willing to do it for you. You need to go above and beyond to make your customers happy. When people share your content, they become your brand advocates. They’ll be so excited, that they’ll have only good things to say about your business. 


Creating a strong brand online and nurturing the relationship between your business and the customer is important. To have continuous growth and development on social media you need to build your following by posting interesting and relevant content and authentically engaging with your customers.

Having an active brand online has never been easier with 411’s Social Sync package. Call us today to learn more: 1-866-411-4411.

Anastasia graduated with a BA Honors Communications Degree and is currently pursuing her passion for writing and helping small businesses succeed.