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Why you should shop local for the holidays

Shop local during the holidays

With the holiday season in full swing, many are feeling a little more generous at this time of year. We make lists to be sure no one is left out, but don’t forget about our hard working small business owners during the holidays.


There are many reasons to shop local this holiday season and beyond:


  • By spending your money locally you are investing in your neighbourhood. According to LOCO, for every dollar you spend at a local business, $.48 will be recirculated in your local economy, compared to just $.19 when you buy from a multinational chain store.


  • It’s a better shopping experience. Besides skipping long lines, you make connections you wouldn’t at large stores. There’s a huge personal element and you will leave feeling like your business truly matters, and it does!


  • Let’s not forget that small businesses create 87.7% of the jobs in Canada. By supporting local businesses you are doing your part to contribute to the overall health of the economy.


Shop local for holiday gifts


Local businesses inspire unique gift ideas. Here are three ideas for how to shop local during the holidays:


1. Choose a handcrafted gift

Give a handcrafted gift to make a person really feel special. Handcrafted gifts are always unique and are a great option for the “person who has everything”.


2.  Gift a service

The gift of snow removal service for someone who has to shovel is very thoughtful and different. And who wouldn’t appreciate a home cleaning service at this busy time of year?


3.  Give a local business gift certificate

Most enjoy eating local (I know I do), what about a gift certificate for a local, owner operated restaurant?


Visit 411.ca to view businesses in your neighbourhood that you can support.

Dwight has a double major in Marketing and Business. He is passionate about helping small businesses grow and enjoys writing to provoke thought and start conversations.