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5 easy ways to improve your Google ranking with SEO


Everybody knows having a website is the foundation for a good marketing strategy, but very few people put in the effort to make sure their digital strategy’s foundation is built on concrete instead of sand. Here are a few ways you can optimize your website’s SEO to bring in more clicks and business.

Research popular keywords in your industry

Keywords are terms people use to search when looking for products and services online. Spend some time checking out your competitors’ pages and keep an eye for what keywords they’re ranking for – a few word changes on your page may just be all you need to stand out.

Revive the content on your website

Your products may not have changed in the last year or two, but the needs of your clients and search engines have. Always stay on top of industry trends and don’t be afraid to change up your message. Consistent activity on your webpage will show readers and search engines you are the business to choose.

Pay attention to metadata in your photos

Most people don’t realize this, but the photos on your webpage have massive amounts of data that can impact your SEO. One way you can optimize this metadata is by editing the file names of your photos and filling them with relevant keywords that are more meaningful to users.

Speed up your website pages

Having the best content on the internet doesn’t help if your webpages are frustratingly slow to load. Whether your websites are on a home server or that of a larger company, you should do everything you can to get your pages to load faster and create a better experience.

Links, links, links

Writing a blog and have another relevant page on your site? Link it. Talking on social media about the products you offer? Link it. Drafting a call to action and want your readers to reach out to you? You guessed it – Link it! Making your website an interconnected experience will make it attractive for readers and search engines alike!

SEO can be a hard topic to understand and the best practices are always evolving, but we’re always evolving to give you the latest marketing solutions for you and your business. Give us a call today at 1-866-411-4411 to find out how our SEO experts can help you rank higher and grow your business.


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