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Why Your Small Business Needs Multiple Online Listings


“The more the merrier.” This old adage couldn’t be truer when it comes to online listings.  Having your small business in a business directory with online listings should always be the first step to kickstarting your online marketing – you’ll start being found online and driving new customers to your website. With so many online business directories available for your small business to list on, here’s why being listed on multiple ones is a good idea: 


It’s good for local SEO


Every day new customers are looking for a product or service just like yours, and search engines will help them find what they’re looking for in their area. So by simply having your information on one local directory like 411.ca or Google My Business will make finding you easier. It’s a no-brainer then, that having multiple listings improves your chances of being found even more. In addition, having accurate information about your business on multiple websites will increase a search engine’s trust in your business, improving your rank further.


Did you know that when you add your business to 411.ca, we can also list you on Google My Business?


It increases exposure


Similar to the first point, this has to do with getting seen online. The difference is, surprisingly, not everyone is using search engines to look for businesses. A lot of people go directly to the source and search the online business directory. If you’re in one directory and not the other, certain customers may never see your business.


It builds your brand


Being found on multiple websites means people seeing your business repeatedly. This is the first step to establishing brand recognition because the more you’re seen the more likely you are to be the customer’s choice. Through multiple directories, you have the opportunity to provide detailed business information people may be looking for. Things like hours of operation and contact information will make a purchase decision easier. Additionally, most online business directories like 411.ca offer reviews. Online reviews are a great way to both build and improve your brand’s reputation. Being well-reviewed will translate to greater sales.


It’s cost effective


Most online business directories including 411.ca let you get started completely free. Even upgraded listings with premium services cost less than most advertisements and are worth the investment.


Online business directories should always be the first step to your marketing campaign but are often overlooked. They’re a cost-effective method to developing your small business brand online and can lead to increased traffic and sales. Be sure to include as accurate information as possible when listing on said websites and you’ll gradually notice the major benefits to adding your small business to multiple online listings.


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David is a Marketing Communications Coordinator here at 411.ca. He loves all things sports, technology, video games, and of course, helping small businesses grow.