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The Best Back To School Tech for 2017

Back to school tech

Back to school is…back. And the most wonderful time of the year for parents comes with a lot of things to consider. Son or daughter heading to their first year of University/College? Living on campus or at home? First day in high school? Don’t fret, we’ve got a list of all the best tech gadgets to have you and your kids geared up for back to school.

For College/Univerity students

VIZIO D-Series TV’s

When it comes to the absolute tech necessities, an affordable TV is a perfect place to start. VIZIO offers the best range of affordable TV’s – and are well-reviewed. The prices are unmatchable for the varying sizes to fit a small dorm for two or a big apartment for six.

Google Chromecast

The Chromecast is the ultimate back to school TV companion. It’s simple to set up and use and allows you to stream anything on your chrome browser to your TV.

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro has consistently been the best 2-in-1 device for students. With a new model coming out around September every year, the previous year’s model is always discounted as a back to school sale around this time.


The ultimate app for keeping students on track. The hardest adjustment to make for a first-year student is time management, and Wunderlist makes it much easier.


For High-Schoolers 

Dell Chromebook 11 

A Chromebook is the perfect high-school companion. It is capable of all your basic computing needs with Google apps like Docs and Sheets, with room for some fun with access to Netflix and the Google Play Store.

Scientific Calculator 

Really any one will do. Phone apps still don’t have every feature a true scientific calculator will offer – and this prevents students from the “I was using the calculator” excuse for being on their phones.


For Any Student

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

Students at any level can benefit from noise-cancelling headphones. It’s the best way to tune out other distractions and lock in on homework or studying. Sony offers the most affordable pair of noise-cancelling headphones on the market.


Back to school can be enjoyable for both parents and students with the right gear. Our tech recommendations will keep new students at any stage of their lives on top of their school game, all while having some fun.


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