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Small Biz Tips – Who should make your holiday card list?

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It’s reaching the end of October and seasoned small business owners know what that means! It’s time to order seasons greeting cards. Many people will think of sending holiday cards to clients, but this year, think about expanding your holiday card recipient list beyond your customer base. Why? Because holiday cards are more than a great way to spread holiday cheer. They are fantastic, economical tools that can help small business owners promote their products, services and brand as well as maintain professional connections.


Many entrepreneurs of large, medium and small businesses send holiday cards to loyal customers, which is awesome. But holiday cards can extend far beyond the reach of existing clients. Here are just a few additional people you might consider adding to your festive list:


Prospects – Got a list of leads, prospects or, in the case of online businesses, abandons? Holiday cards present a great opportunity to reach out to them.


Employees – It’s not just the big gestures that are appreciated. It’s the little things an organization does that can have a huge impact on an employee’s satisfaction level. Show your employees you appreciate them and wish them a safe and happy holiday with a hand-signed holiday card.


Partners and Investors– Show your partners and investors you value their support and continued professional relationship.


Suppliers – Many business owners neglect to put suppliers on their holiday card list. This is a perfect opportunity to help you build a relationship with your supplier, which will promote a harmonious relationship and may lead to better negotiations or considerations down the line.


Stay tuned! In our next blog post, we’ll continue our holiday card discussion with holiday card etiquette and some seriously helpful tips for sending holiday cards. In the meantime, don’t forget 411.ca’s Entrepreneurs Club members receive major discounts on Vistaprint holiday cards!  For 50% off your  holiday card order (or business cards), just contact your Business Advisor today.

Darcia Armstrong is a marketing communications and digital marketing professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. With over a decade’s worth of progressive experience managing marketing initiatives for startups and seasoned business owners, Darcia focuses on promoting the interests of small business. Most recently, she loves serving small- and medium-sized enterprises in her role as Manager, Entrepreneurs Club & Marketing at 411.ca